Published On: Wed, Jan 24th, 2018

Happy accident? Possible redeployment of terror assets (the continuation of); launch of “anti-terror super squad”

The Cartoon Jihadist, Ahmed Hassan Mohammed Ali (previously known simply as Ahmed Hassan), “appeared” in court last week (via a television link) to plead not guilty to the charges arrayed against him regarding his alleged involvement in the Parsons Green incident of September 2017. It formed a happy coincidence because the author had been doing further research into so-called child migration from Iraq and Syria based on the hypothesis† that the British Government is abusing a scheme designed to accommodate unaccompanied minors in order to redeploy mercenary assets recruited abroad into the UK to “sleep” for future assignments. With Ahmed Hassan having been a supposed child migrant, it was the Parsons Green case that suggested the possibility. If one accepts that the US and the UK have trained and armed jihadists for a role in the invasion of Syria – for which there is reams of evidence even in corporate-media to show that this is a truth – and that they have indeed become assets, then it would be unreasonable to expect such investment to be squandered. ISIS in particular have, in the course of the aggression against Syria, been airlifted by the US military out of the way of advancing Syrian and allied forces on multiple occasions (that we know of), so it has been established that these mercenaries are considered valuable enough to salvage.

Further evidence that the author has come across to support the hypothesis isn’t new, rather it has been retrieved and seen to fit the puzzle, and it is this: May 2017, the Mail reports that one in eight “child migrants” is from Albania. Moreover, the established problem with general “child migrants” – that they are always male, and appear to be older than 18 – extends to the Albanian type. To be clear, this isn’t about picking on Albanians, it is about showing that there is a great deal of scope for arranging the safe passage into the UK of the next individual to be blamed for a terror spectacular. There are lots of places from whence “lads” can come and appear to be innocuous because of the general and disgraceful ignorance of the British public, but who in fact emerge from a culture of working with Western Government as partners in nefarious activity. The author can assure the reader that the immigration of dubious “children” from places one might not expect “terrorists” to hail from has not abated.

It could well prove to be an inconvenient truth that Albanians have been fighting in al-Nusra and ISIS in their hundreds, and Kosovo provides more mercenaries in Syria, per head of population, than any European country. Of course, the Kosovo Liberation Army (another terrorist organisation that had been proscribed by the USA) acted as ground forces operating with NATO tactical air support in the Globalists’ operation to dismember Yugoslavia – and this co-operation looks to have survived and graduated into participation in the US invasion of Syria. This can be said with some certainty because of how it is possible to link at least one very well known Albanian jihadist to NATO via the Kosovo Force (KFOR) and, indeed, its activities in Afghanistan. In short, the career history of an individual Albanian jihadist screams “US asset”, and given that he was a recruiter, one can take it to bank that he wasn’t alone.

In November 2016 the Mail on Sunday reported on problems faced by Croydon local government that had to deal with “adolescent” Albanian males claiming to be children.

The problems caused by Albanian Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children (UASC) are exposed in detail by a number of Croydon Council reports and meetings over the past two years.

There are currently 433 child refugee claimants in the South London borough – 214 Albanians but just 11 Syrians. Almost all are adolescent males, which leads to problems in classrooms and at home.

The problems appear to include petty crime, showing unwanted attention to female care-givers – blamed on ‘the gender assumptions of Albanian males’, which, translated from Politically Correct, means being a sex pest – and the clear and present danger to school children from such characters. Surprisingly, some schools even managed to exercise some pre-Post-Normal common sense by refusing to take the creatures on to their books.

The Mail piece provided a few other startling facts; “almost 500 Albanians arrived in Britain last year [2015] claiming to be lone children” and “[the] number of people coming to England illegally and registering as UASC has doubled in two years to reach 3,253 in 2015”.

Regular FBEL readers might remember that the year to September 2015 was the one for which the Home Office produced figures to reveal that 65% of supposed “unaccompanied minors” were found to be over 18 after being interrogated. There is a lot of ambiguity in corporate-media reporting about what actually happens to the adults who are discovered not to be the age they claim. The author did find reference to an “Operation Coldspell”, which is a 2013 Home Office programme (with a very low profile on the internet, so it’s not clear if it is still running) that works with Albanian authorities to locate families of failed applicants so that they can be returned home. The reader might have spotted the problem: supposed child migrants who are rejected because they aren’t children need help from the British Government to find their families. How so? A plane ticket should suffice – and that’s if the British Government wanted to be generous. Moreover, if the Albanian Government can’t find an address, does the adult economic migrant get to stay in the UK? To a seasoned eye who knows about the agenda for the Cosmopolitical-isation of the UK (explained in the second half of the FBEL article to be found here) , it looks like deliberate stalling to let illegal immigrants remain in the country. Which means that, potentially there are many more bogus children in the UK than wangle a social services, tax-payer funded lifestyle (until the age of 25, no less).

Regular FBEL readers will also remember reference hereabouts to the Dubs Amendment, or the Dubs scheme, which was apparently focused on taking children out of the “Calais Jungle”.  Because this very public effort wasn’t very effective, and attracted a lot of criticism – it started badly when an identity parade of supposed children, most of them Bluto-lookalikes, was published in the Mail and other newspapers – the author suspected that it was a strawman to be beaten up, and when disposed of, to create the public perception that the child migrant problem had dissipated, when in reality, the immigration would carry on relentless. Information newly discovered by the author does appear to suggest truth to this idea. This information is not all from corporate-media, it must be stressed, but it’s only the corporate-media-sourced data that can be shared.

A May 2017 Daily Mail article reported that “in total, the UK granted asylum or other forms of protection to more than 8,000 children in 2016”. These numbers are unrelated to Dubs or the Syrian Migrant Crisis; this is standard “child asylum seeking”. The general problem of fraudulent child migration is not neatly wrapped up – as the Government demands of public perception. Indeed, it actually looks, in reality, to be out of control. The Albanian immigration must be considered as part of this chaos – and a large part too. The same May 2017 Mail article reported that one in eight of all “unaccompanied minors” claiming asylum come from Albania. We have seen that if they get in the system, then experience with a lot of these “children” demonstrates that they are nothing of the sort. If they don’t get in the system, then no-one appears to be sure that they are actually deported.

There is a problem with this scenario, and a serious one at that, because of the propensity, in the last decade, for ethnic Albanians to be recruited into the jihadist ranks of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. How can Croydon Council, or any other for that matter, back in 2015, now, or in the near future, know for sure that certain uncommonly swarthy or bearded individuals now attending their schools aren’t in fact men who, until recently, when the Russian air forces delivered a bomb under their convoy, driving a Toyota pick-up truck in the sands of the Syrian desert?

Let’s focus on the case of Lavdrim Muhakheri – or Abu Abdullah al Kosova, as he is also known. This fellow is not a “child migrant”, but he appears to be crucial to the fact of Albanians filling the ranks of ISIS in Syria and Iraq. He is – or was, because he is supposed to be dead – an ISIS commander and recruitment officer originally from Kosovo. FBEL readers will not be surprised to learn that he got involved with NATO through that organisation’s interference in Yugoslavia (KFOR), and he is described in Wikipedia as having been a “NATO employee”. He “served” with NATO (Wikipedia doesn’t go into details) at a training camp in Afghanistan between 2010 and 2012. He returned to Kosovo where he became known as an “extremist” and left for Syria in the latter part of 2012. In 2013 he returned for a stint in Kosovo – probably recruiting given that Wikipedia outright states him as a “recruiter of ethnic Albanian jihadi foreign fighters fighting in Syria and in Iraq”. He also appeared in at least one of those ISIS new-generation propaganda videos of the sort that have been derided as fake at FBEL and other alternative media. Later in the same year he was back in Syria, and became “a mujahideen leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, or IS), directly reporting to IS caliph Abu al-Baghdadi, leading a platoon of ethnic Albanian fighters.”

Al-Baghdadi, of course, was a big player in the elaborate choreography that went on in the Raqqa Governate, as staged by the US Military, and sold to the world as a battle between the Syrian Defence Forces (SDF), and ISIS – both of whom were and are working for the Americans. Al-Kosova also screams CIA asset, not just because he has been declared dead more than once – which is a standard characteristic. (CIA assets die so that American and British politicians can claim victories in the War on Terror – but get resurrected so that the War on Terror can continue).

If al-Kosova was at a base in Afghanistan, then he may well have been in one like Camp Gecko – if not Camp Gecko itself – where the infamous Kandahar Strike Force were trained by the CIA and US Special Forces. Readers that are still around from the Luikkerland days (the predecessor to FBEL) might remember the Kandahar Strike Force. It was one of a number of paramilitary groups formed to assist the US Military. These forces weren’t widely reported on; the Kandahar Strike Force made a name for itself by going a bit rogue. The following extract, from a 2011 Independent article by Julius Cavendish, tells the tale:

The paramilitary groups are concentrated in eastern and southern Afghanistan where they collect intelligence, secure the border with Pakistan, and launch raids on militants from al-Qa’ida, the Taliban and the host of other militant groups. Taliban sources have told The Independent that the Kandahar Strike Force is the outfit they fear most.

Atal Afghanzai, a former commander of the Kandahar Strike Force, said that he was recruited when he heard the Americans were looking for guards. He was billeted at Camp Gecko, a sprawling place in the hills outside Kandahar City that was once home to the Taliban leader Mullah Omar but now houses a cafeteria, pool and fountain with catfish. According to The New York Times, the CIA and US Special Forces rented it from the late Ahmed Wali Karzai, half-brother to the Afghan President who was killed last week.

Foreign military advisers at the camp taught hand-to-hand combat and put new recruits through ambush training, as well as teaching them English, said Afghanzai. Everyone, he said, from the cook to the Special Forces advisers, was “working for OGA somehow”: an acronym standing for “other government agencies” and generally used to refer to the CIA. “We had day raids, night raids. Any time we received intel from the NDS [Afghanistan’s security service] that there were 10, 20, 50 insurgents gathering in a house or a garden, we’d launch an op.” He did not discuss specific operations.

It would be very naïve indeed to think that al-Kosova didn’t get trained in Afghanistan to lead, or liaise with ISIS for the Americans. As we’ve seen, recruitment via propaganda was also his bag. Let’s turn to who he might have recruited.

The following is an extract from a report by Adrian Shtuni for the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point – dated April 30, 2015

Extensive research suggests that about 500 ethnic Albanians from the Western Balkans have traveled to Syria and Iraq since 2012, predominantly joining the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusrah (JN). For the most part these fighters are the product of a well-integrated regional network of extremist entities painstakingly expanded across the region over the past two decades.

The data also reveals that relative to its population of 1.8 million, Kosovo is arguably the largest source of European jihadists in Syria and Iraq. With a rate of over 16 fighters per 100,000 nationals, Kosovo’s recruitment rate is more than eight times that of France, Europe’s largest overall source of jihadists in Syria and Iraq.[23] Kosovo’s per capita rate of recruitment exceeds by about 60 percent even that of a failed state like Libya.[24]

The final piece of the jigsaw is the recent news of the formation in the UK of a so-called “immediate action” anti-terror squad which, as the Express reports,

…[combines] experts from across the Armed Forces has been formed to safeguard Britain from terror attacks. Operation Barracuda will see members of the SAS (Special Air Service) and SBS (Special Boat Service) supported by a further 80 soldiers drawn from specialist units across the British Army and Royal Navy.

The article goes on:

The unit will spearhead Operation Temperer, the Government’s over-arching security plan to provide thousands of soldiers to protect civilians during a high terror threat.

It follows warnings by intelligence chiefs at the Joint Terrorist Analysis Centre that extremists are now seeking new targets and “spectacular incidents”, including ports and power stations.

The routing of Isis from its so-called caliphate in Iraq and Syria has seen hundreds of well-trained jihadis make their way through Turkey, determined to wreak havoc in Europe.

Operation Temperer, first used after the Manchester Arena attack, is already geared up to deploy more than 5,000 soldiers, including up to 100 Special Forces troops drawn from the SAS, SBS and the Special Forces Support Group.

They would support police and counter-terror agencies in the event of a terror attack.

Remember, this escalation of anti-terror capability [into permanent paramilitary] comes at a time when the British military is meant to be broke, demoralised, and worried about being light-years behind the Russians. The British Government’s priorities are not securing an effective national defence. Instead, the British Government is clearly more interested in terrorising the British people to secure control over them – because that is exactly what “anti-terror” is all about. Such activity needs a good excuse for it – otherwise the people would stop being cowed and get angry, and the article handily tells its audience who and what it is that is justifying the new measures: returning ISIS members from Syria and Iraq.

Terror imported from the battlefields where the Anglo-American industrial military complex has caused the strife is the emerging fable to justify the security apparatus that is being rolled out against the British public. The above extract makes it clear that the Manchester Arena incident had a central role to play in the establishment of that rationale. The corporate-media insisted that the supposed culprit responsible for the Ariana Grande concert “bombing” was fresh from Syria, and blamed it on ISIS – although it didn’t resemble the truth. Salman Abedi was connected to the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (see here and here), and veterans of its campaigning were allowed by the British Government to reside in Manchester. All of this was hushed up for the sake of the “ISIS returning from Syria” narrative – and the obvious British Government embarrassment arising from being seen to be complicit in terror.

Unfortunately for the British “strategy of tension” planners, the Russians and the Syrian Government are making it harder than ever for the Syrian veteran terrorist scenario to be a viable one. The “terrorists” are being annihilated – and not just in Syria. But what options are available for an Old Mother Hubbard British Government and an unrelenting, yapping American taskmaster, whose cupboard of home-grown patsies must, by now, be bare? – for we should fully expect that the British-bred Muslim population is wise to the game, and wouldn’t accept an invite to take part in an MI5 terror exercise for a king’s ransom. False flags can’t work without patsies – and this is why fresh, dumb blood must be brought in – and who could be more perfect than a dopey adolescent male who had been recruited outside of the country, and – in terms of the perspective of this article – is cocky enough to deceive the authorities in return for a cushy existence in a soft-touch country.

That this new dynamic might have been in play in the “game” of intelligence-agency-generated population shock became clear in the aftermath of the Parsons Green incident. For the first time, we could potentially (and let us choose words carefully) connect the Syrian Migrant Crisis (as the headline programming case) – and in general fraudulent unaccompanied minors cases – with false flag terror. The future of Terror is identifiable, even if its perpetrators are no longer allowed to have a public face (for fear of discovery of the deception), and have their biographies glossed over to give the impression of a Home Counties genesis (as the BBC has done with regards Ahmed Hassan). When the next big false flag goes down, take note of where you are told the culprits come from – it will probably a country from whence the UK/US intelligence agencies draw its operatives and mercenaries. You might even be told of the immigration “failure” by which they were allowed to enter the country – your “Spartan” ruling class likes to rub your nose in it like that – but you won’t be told of the deliberate nature of the mistake.


† The rationale for the hypothesis is explained in the FBEL article Does the adult “child refugee” travesty continue; any connection to Parsons Green? found here.

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