Published On: Fri, Feb 23rd, 2018

No business like show business! Marjory Stoneman theatre club presents – but who directs?

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Isn’t it just so queer that so many of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School activists are budding Oscar winners from the school drama club?  There’s Dylan Redshaw, and Sophie Whitney, who featured in this NPR piece; John Barnitt and Kali Clougherty who were working tirelessly to stop mass shootings at student activist HQ when Buzzfeed made a visit – not to mention the big Town Hall meeting star, Cameron Kasky, who has been quite a figurehead with plenty of exposure. Then there’s the news director of the school TV station, the talented David Hogg – he appears to have an eye on a career in the corporate-media, as discussed in the previous FBEL article. Emma Gonzalez is said to have delivered a “fiery” speech lambasting Trump – and no wonder, as she appears to be in the politics club – and she’s the president of the school’s “Gay–Straight Alliance”.

In the Eighties there was the Breakfast Club, with Smiths covers on the soundtrack. Now it’s all Marvel movies and glee clubs. The point is, a Generation X kid (i.e., the author) isn’t surprised that in this new fame-at-any-cost highly-strung Millennial cohort, it must be very appealing to be at the centre of attention in a campaign orchestrated not by them, as things are supposed to appear, but by gun-grabbing, liberty-hating Statists of an older political class.

There is something not right at all about what is coming out of Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Gateway Pundit (GP) started to get to the bottom of it when it published a story about how the activists “mostly know each other from the school’s theater program” – which is actually a line from the Buzzfeed article linked-to above.

The GP writer reckoned (and not unreasonably either) that

A theatrical background easily explains these students’ comfort on camera, composure, and ability to deliver the lines they are given while framing them with emotional call-to-action rhetorical devices.

None is more able, perhaps, than Kasky who attempted to guilt the NRA representative at the CNN Town Hall on guns because she had children while other parents had had theirs shot. His rhetoric:

I wish I could have asked the NRA lady [Loesch] a question … I would ask her how she can look in the mirror, considering the fact that she has children, but, you know, maybe she avoids those.

It has to be said, that Kasky looked rather smug about meeting CNN’s Anderson Cooper (looking very vampirish) in a photo that captured that moment.

Maybe it was on that occasion when he told CNN “that anyone who had seen him in the school’s production of ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ knows that ‘nobody would pay me to act for anything.’” Pish! Such false modesty.

In the image above Kasky, or someone very much like him (the smirk matches) is advertising the Douglas Night Live event, which appears to be a kind of an annual sketch show. Very polished production, isn’t it?

Gonzalez, who was also at the Town Hall event, appears to be visible in a photo taken when the Floridian congressman, Ted Deutch, attended the school to meet the politics club (from Deutch’s twitter feed). Obviously, a budding politician, it means that lying convincingly through her teeth is going to be the shaven headed Gonzalez’s calling. And don’t forget that old saying: politics is show business for ugly people.

Politics, it seems, is also David Hogg’s game – but in a different sort of way. If the images on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas TV club’s twitter feed are right, it looks like he really does see himself as future network news anchor. In these images, he is shown interviewing Ted Deutch (who gave of his time quite generously for a Congress Representative, did he not?)

Apparently, Hogg has also started crafting his “war-scene-reporting” – see previous FBEL article – and seems to relish doing the on-the-spot correspondent stuff back to established news program hosts (the reader can find plenty of this sort of stuff on the internet). One wonders if Hogg has seen the film Network, and whether or not it would be ringing any bells right now?

But back to the GP story, which goes on to cite a source who is a parent of a child at the school. This child was contacted by another student organising anti-Trump and anti-gun activity, but refused to take part. GP appeared to believe that the students involved were

acting as the “bridge” between far-left activist groups… specifically recruiting other students from the school’s drama department.

The GP article goes on to state that the motivating forces behind the student activism are the same people behind the Woman’s March movement, and ultimately George Soros. Now, the author believes that Soros is a left-right paradigm bogeyman, and furthermore, isn’t at all sure that GP actually presents any real hard evidence for the Women’s March movement’s involvement in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas activism. There does, however, appear to be a cooptioning of the student anti-gun protest into the wider pro-Globalist subversive activity – which has been galvanised, also.

Of course, it stinks to high heaven – especially as news emerges that the first police officer on the scene stood down while the incident was ongoing. There are other stories of scheduled drills – perhaps the sheriff’s deputy, who has resigned rather than be suspended,  was acting on that knowledge.

David Hogg’s mother did an interview in which she said that her son and the other students had been too busy to grieve (this would certainly go some way to explaining why some of them looked ecstatic about being big media celebrities all of a sudden). The students, she said, had to grab the nettle (she didn’t use that phrase) in order to keep the issue relevant to bring about a change. It’s not credible. The author submits that these students are being exploited for social engineering according to a plan that was in existence before the triggering incident even took place. They have obviously been selected because of their predilection to being in the limelight, and their effectiveness thence from – because one has to admit, they are very effective as propaganda tools. It smacks of pre-planning. And because the activism is the all-consuming mode of behaviour immediately after the incident, it does appear forced and unnatural. The incident was politicised instantly for momentum – but its planners (because do we really think Nikolas Cruz is ultimately responsible?) thought that they could prevent any public distaste arising from that necessity by using children to do it. No, it just makes the taste all that more unpleasant. They aren’t going to get away with it.

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