Published On: Thu, Apr 16th, 2020

Boris Johnson’s big lie in, and lying; Part One

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This article was originally intended to be one piece examining the veracity of the story of Boris Johnson’s serious illness in intensive care in hospital. However, as it began to incorporate an extended analysis of the speech he made when he was discharged (work which was actually realised first), it became plain that there would have to be two parts to the article.

On Sunday 12th April, Boris Johnson was discharged from hospital after supposedly being admitted for complications due to SARS-COV-2. Later on, he gave an account “of how serious his condition had been” and also heaped praise on the NHS in “a prerecorded message from Downing Street”. Naturally, we must note the significance of the fact that Johnson’s speech was prerecorded.

In his speech, Johnson made an allusion to a collective national effort in previous military conflicts as he counted his own experience as indication of the nation being on some kind of war footing:

We are now making progress in this incredible national battle against coronavirus. A fight we never picked against an enemy we still don’t entirely understand. We’re making progress in this national battle because the British public formed a human shield around this country’s greatest national asset: our National Health Service. We understood and we decided that if together we could keep our NHS safe, if we could stop our NHS from being overwhelmed, then we could not be beaten and this country could rise together to overcome this challenge as we have overcome so many challenges in the past.

At this point the author must interject to ask the reader if he knows how it was that “we” came to be fighting two previous world wars? It was like this: the UK Government decided that there was going to be a war, and while diplomacy and dirty tricks were employed abroad to create and fire the triggers, on the domestic front news papers, cinema, and radio – the corporate-media of the time – told us, the public, that “we” were in favour of going to war. Joe Public, individually, had no idea if there really was a consensus – he just appreciated that there was one because the BBC and other propaganda instruments told him so. So, he went to war, and he murdered, and got himself murdered in return.

And in fact the whole concept of Johnson in the line of fire in a war (his father actually said “he almost took one for the team”) reminds of Buckingham Palace being bombed during World War II. Very interesting, dear reader, isn’t it that the Luftwaffe always failed dismally in that respect. If one can point to an example of the German bombing of London that would demonstrate its devastating effectiveness, then it can be said that Buckingham Palace was never purposefully targeted. On the other hand, if the bombing of Buckingham Palace was representative of the general bombing of London, then German attempts were stereotypically ineffective, and the Blitz must have been seriously overhyped for propaganda purposes. Indeed, with our post-9/11 perspective on the world, we should not be surprised if it ever came out that the British military set off its own ordnance in the grounds of Buckingham Palace for the purpose of creating the “all in it together” myth. The King and Queen were never in any danger. Boris Johnson was never in any danger. Danger only lurks for the suckers who ever and always fall for the cobblers.

And indeed, Johnson appeals to these people – i.e. the population of Britain – in his speech, to have them understand that it was “we” who decided to join a war to protect the NHS. This didn’t happen. The corporate-media scared the bejesus out of the simple minded TV audience, supermarkets contrived to run out of toilet rolls (yes, it had to be a psyop), and UK Government put the cap on its own Hegelian operation. That “we” chose war against coronavirus is a despicable piece of gaslighting to have us understand that “we” are responsible for the economic ruination of a lockdown. You are going to see more of this in the coming weeks.

While the fact that “we” never wanted to fight in two world wars will never be acknowledged, if it is ever discovered by a proper historian, there is something about the asymmetrical nature of the coronavirus warfare that means it is hard to deny that “we” didn’t want the war on coronavirus. When Johnson speaks of this, of course, he can’t help but sound very familiar: “A fight we never picked against an enemy we still don’t entirely understand.”

Yes, folks, the coronovirus hates us because of our freedom (and we must give up freedom in exchange for security). Of course, it’s the refrain we heard in the War on Terror – and the message could not be clearer, because the real enemy is indeed identifying itself with it.

The War on Coronavirus is also a war over what is characterised as a national asset, so that talk about sacrifice is not strictly for nation, but the NHS: “the beating heart of this country… the best of this country… unconquerable… powered by love.” Such perversity! The truth is, not only is there no danger to the NHS, but as corrosive as it is now, in the coming years, it is going to be revealed to the unsuspecting public (to whom it is so dear) how truly crucial the organisation is to a tyranny in Britain. The Covid-19 hoax is the just the start of it.  As explained at FBEL previously, the NHS is as a Temple to the masses for the purpose of technocratic rule, and it is truly fitting that Johnson talks about sacrifice in his speech. Only, it’s not just that some people are making sacrifices for the NHS (or so they are told), but some people are being sacrificed by it.

And while on the subject of sacrifice, the absolutely nauseatingly perverse thing about Johnson’s speech is the start and the finish when recognised as being linked by a theme. The speech starts:

I have today left hospital after a week in which the NHS has saved my life, no question. It’s hard to find words to express my debt, but before I come to that I want to thank everyone in the entire UK for the effort and the sacrifice you have made and are making.

And ends:

So thank you from me, from all of us, to the NHS, and let’s remember to follow the rules on social distancing. Stay at home, protect our NHS, save lives.

Thank you, and Happy Easter.

Here we learn that the sacrifice is not only for the NHS, but someone else too. Who else? Well, not a one but Johnson himself. He says clearly: “I have a debt”, and identifies the creditor as being the “entire UK”. The UK’s sacrifice is for him. How truly perverse on an Easter Sunday, which Johnson reminds his audience is the day on which he has emerged from his tomb, and from his brush with death.

Of course, the character more usually associated with rising from the dead at the stated time of year is Jesus, after having made an individual sacrifice to save a people. Surely the reader can see how insidious Johnson is being? When one reads reports of him later being able to take little walks between rests, one wonders if it’s due to the nail holes in his feet – except, of course, in this version, it is the people who are crucified. The “saved” are crucified, the “saviour” saved. This is the extent to which you are being taken as a chump, dear reader.

But it gets worse. For, the hospital from which Johnson emerged is named after the doubting disciple, who would not believe the resurrection until he saw the wounds. The message as it applies to Johnson: you can’t see the wounds, you couldn’t see the illness, but it was there.

Verily, I say unto you, the chumps will not know the truth until they see their own wounds.

And it gets worse. Johnson commends all to stay home in order to save the Temple. How would the saints have started the movement that has become Christianity under such conditions? If they did not defy the particular sort of curfew imposed upon them, but instead fainted away in order to preserve the old order, how could they have created what was in essence the latest existential threat to the age-old perpetual technocracy? How is the same going to face an existential threat if there is a fainting away today? How is your enemy going to know what you are made of if you don’t get into the arena?

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  1. Skeptic says:

    This is an exceptional piece of analysis. I suspected Johnson faked this for the sympathy angle, yet the same family who only 2 months ago would believe BoJo will usher in the Fourth Reich, now believe his everyword.

  2. James says:

    I don’t know if he really had it or not. But it seemed mighty convenient to me. Up to that point, hardly anyone in the UK knew anyone who had been affected by this virus but suddenly – we ALL do! And he even went into ICU!

    We still don’t have any high profile deaths though, despite lots of slebs claiming to have been ill. Who’s going to take one for the “team”?

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