Published On: Fri, Aug 18th, 2017

The Alt-Right trap misfires – survivors scramble to save their skins

Events have somewhat overtaken this article because the Rebel Media is in meltdown. Staff are leaving in droves, and there are stories of corruption and wrongdoing. However, the author suspects that the real reason for the implosion is the Charlottesville thing. Charlottesville represented a blowing of the Alt-Right’s cover because it proved everything said about it by its critics – those who aren’t servants of the ruling gangsterist class, that is. And the author suspects that in the case of Rebel Media, what we are seeing is a divide-and-conquer intelligence operation that has to be dismantled because it has reached the end of its usefulness. The continued survival of the Alex Jones empire, which has been a source of disinformation and a sink for the wasted patriot dollar for a much longer time than the Rebel Media has, should demonstrate the power of a non-disclosure clause in a contract. We shouldn’t expect casual whistle-blowing to happen. What you will see is Alt-Right media celebrities trying to salvage careers, but they have a big credibility problem – much more than usual for Jones – and you can tell they do by the way that they are rowing like billio away from the taint of the white supremacists (lead by very suspicious individuals) who cropped up as part of the Charlottesville trap (Jones has even started talking about false flags again). The good news is that that trap failed because, thanks to real alternative media, people had been given forewarning of the central role the Alt-Right had in demonising opposition to the Global Government.

The original article was going to start like this:

The Alt-Right comes out of nowhere to start brawling with a “left-wing” counterpart on the streets of America while police stand down and let it happen?

Isn’t this all too obvious?

If not, let’s take it at a steadier pace.

The author’s very first impression of the Charlottesville “happening” was surprise at the size of the crowds. They looked small – big enough to fill the lens of a camera†. It looked like rent-a-mobs on both sides, which was pertinent because of how someone on the internet discovered an advert for “Actors and Photographers Wanted in Charlotte” ($25 per hour). The cartoonish appearance of the Klan was the only other clue required. The thing was a set up.

Conformation was found in other places: Steve Pieczenik wrote that both sides at Charlotte were controlled opposition – note the chutzpah of Infowars for aggregating the story. While Charlottesville was going on, Jones was making a video entitled “Race Riots trigger state of Emergency in Virginia”. Presumably this was a la Jones’ Y2K fear-porn masterpiece where evil Putin had been launching intercontinental ballistic missiles at the USA, because the brawling contest in Charlottesville certainly did not look like it was between peoples of separate races on either side. Yet there was a racial element – but those who weren’t following closely might not have noticed; hence Jones’ helping hand. The people who had organised a protest in Charlottesville, which was then countered by its “leftist” shadow, were (at least according to the story as it reaches us) white supremacists claiming to “Unite the Right”.

It worked. After Charlottesville, corporate-media has been able to tarnish the so-called “right-wing” of American politics with the same racist brush. The shouty tactic it is now using against Trump and others who don’t submit to accusations of their own monstrousness is presumably straight out of Alinsky. Charlottesville is part of a continuing process to demonise people who don’t hold with mass immigration, or multi-gender toilet facilities – in short, any of the madness that is being inflicted on one-time civilised countries in the name of achieving the Great Work of globalist socialist dystopia.

Let’s be clear. We have been able to arrive at this point thanks to the Alt-Right media. “Keep following and supporting these people, keep buying the official narrative out of the Establishment’s corporate and ‘alternative’ sources both, and just see what happens” – a sample of the warning that appeared at this site in June of this year.

The Alt-Right media is clearly a tool of the Establishment  – or the “deep state” as it itself likes to describe the hidden hands that control. Let’s start with Alex Jones’ operation, because it looks like it is going to get away scot-free again – and it shouldn’t. The following is from a recent show synopsis (the author doesn’t watch Alex Jones on principle):

In Depth Analysis Of Charlottesville False Flag Race Riots

An exclusive look into the “Unite the Right” rally in Virginia

Sunday, August 13th: Charlottesville Aftermath – Infowars reporter Millie Weaver joins the program to discuss what she saw at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. The rally’s organizer Jason Kessler also joins the program to explain the day’s events.

So, here we have confirmation that Infowars wants to characterise Charlottesville as race riots. Note that the organiser of the original rally, Jason Kessler, is allowed a platform. There is something wrong with this, not because Kessler might be a white supremacist – he’s entitled to a point of view – but because Kessler is probably just not what he claims to be. The SPLC has Kessler down as an Obama supporter, and an activist with the Occupy movement (Occupy is of that same Alinksyesque organising strategy that Obama has history with). It is odd that the SPLC would do anything to damage the official narrative, but perhaps there is no stopping them when the red mist sets in. When FBEL was called Luikkerland, the author discovered PR links between Occupy London and the riot that happened after the Duggan shooting. It caused him to speculate that both were the work of the same outfit operating on the banks of the Thames in London. Recently, the highly dubious Black Lives Matter branch of the UK was involved in a supposed “day of rage” where violence apparently broke out and was aimed at police. This must have been part of the British Establishment’s effort to get people broiling for a big fight after the Grenfell Tower incident. But people don’t seem to be taking the bait – at this rate not even Anne Marie Waters will be able to get elected as the new leader of UKIP. The point is, there is disruption being run in the US and the UK by the deep state that manipulates people in both countries (- but it isn’t catching fire).

Jason Kessler is also said to be a member of the Proud Boys. Follow the link to a news site that reports on tweets and Facebook notifications by Kessler. One, from June, reads like this:We’re going to be introducing the Proud Boys to Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday. They are going to be visiting here a lot more often as we bring solidarity and UNITE THE RIGHT.” The reader who is well versed in these things will not be surprised to see a photo of these Alt-Righters throwing up the 666 hand gesture.

The Proud Boys are a pseudo-masonic organisation supposedly co-founded by Gavin McInnes. McInnes has been a frequent guest on Infowars as part of the operation to introduce the Alt-Right as being representative of Trump support. He is a Rebel Media Youtube celebrity, and co-founder of Vice Media. The Proud Boys seem to have been developed out of the scuffle between pro-Trump supporters and “leftists” at Berkeley – an effort to militarise for self-protection while protesting is perhaps the nicest way one can describe their genesis. Or, if we try again, the Proud Boys developed out of a perception that Trump support was embattled by street-political opposition. We can’t say that the Proud Boys are responsible for the violence at Alt-Right rallies, but what we can say is that the deliberate engagement of the NWO street-fascists (one simply cannot call them Anti-Fascists) has been encouraged by the likes of Gavin McInnes. Further to this, the element that the Proud Boys materially represents is being used as a component to demonise “right-wing” politics. And as well as the collection of a bad reputation, this component would naturally provoke a further escalation from the opposition: indeed, the dark hand is still moving the pieces despite its failure at Charlotte, as told by the article of which this is the title: “Antifa’ Grows as Left-Wing Faction Set to, Literally, Fight the Far Right”.

Mike Cernovich is also a new-wave alt-media celebrity who spends a lot of time in the camera view finders of the Jones operation. He has been backpeddling big time: “At first he thought it [the Alt-Right] was exactly what it sounded like: An alternative to the mainstream right. It was only later that the ‘Nazi boys’ took over the movement, Cernovich said”.

Cernovich is said to have written a book “Gorilla Mindset”. It is hard to believe that the lisping Cernovich had anything to do with anything that uses the sturdy gorilla as an emblem (does the reader know how hard it is to get published?). Be that as it may, Cernovich’s book seems to be New Age in its self-help nature – that tells a lot (the New Age is old age Mystery technocracy). He also appears to have written another book “Danger and Play: Essays on Masculinity”, and this definitely reinforces the impression this author gets that his work is about influencing young men (I haven’t read any of it). Cernovich complains about the Nazi boys taking over the Alt-Right – is he referring to the Proud Boys? And yet, his themes appear to be about male motivation of the sort that could well be channelled into street politics. The New Yorker called Cernovich the “meme mastermind of the alt-right”. One is left with the feeling that there is a bigger sinister movement when one considers Cernovich in conjunction with McInnes – neither are the original authors of it. Of course, Cernovich could have been referring to the self-declared white supremacists such as Richard Spencer (who was at Charlottesville) – a fake according to Steve Pieczenik, and it looks like he is correct. One gets the sense that all these players are fake. However, Spencer brings his Nazi-saluting nutcases into play as a component whereby the Alt-Right can be characterised as being the ultimate evil – white racists.

So, after what one could loosely describe as “Trump support” (generally, people who are against globalism) is corralled into one pigeon hole, and everyone on that side of politics has been familiarised with the more extreme components of their movement so that there isn’t a great flight from it (thanks to the likes of Rebel Media, Breitbart and Infowars), we are then gifted with Charlottesville. A trap that didn’t close properly. To what extent was Charlottesville a complete psyop? Well, there is a problem in that the one photo we seem to have of the driver of the car sitting in it shows someone somewhat less flabby than the supposed suspect. But what of the violence – the street fighting – wasn’t that real? The last time the author probably saw a real riot was when the Countryside Alliance threatened to give the police a good kicking when they got penned in outside of Parliament – this is because real working men went to London that day. The Establishment prefers using students and adolescents in tight pants because fisticuffs and handbags is much more containable. Police can afford to stand down and let the screaming and slapping happen without real concern for the safety of the Government.

Demonizing political opposition is the culmination of the whole Alt-Right operation. And the demographics set to fall under what is an excuse to cull them (politically if not even actually), but more likely criminalise them, is actually further wider ranging than the corporate-media would use the Alt-Right to have us believe. Libertarians, Trump-conservatives, political agnostics, and old-socialist-post-9/11-sceptics could fall under this scythe that is being coiled on a spring. Incredibly important is this: the big hoover that collects them all – the alternative media – is dominated by Alex Jones. If the “deep state’s” big trap is ultimately to fail, then truth-seekers need to put as much distance between him and his cohorts (the likes of the $$$$-stirrer extraordinaire Paul Joseph Watson), and themselves as is humanly possible.

Although the alt-right trap has misfired, decent people still aren’t safe. It is repositioning to be redeployed – the ruling elite never give up on an old idea, it seems. Be careful of the new faces that appear out of nowhere. For God’s sake, at long last, dump the ones who have been discredited over and over again.


† This might be quite an important observation. The video here is of overhead footage of the assault-by-car taken from a drone. It rightly points out that the crowd is perhaps set up like a film company would if it was making a movie.

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