Published On: Wed, Jun 21st, 2017

Under authoritarianism all people expecting freedom are a “terrorist” threat to Government

The Finsbury Park Mosque attack. We are being asked to believe that a man, Darren Osborne, hired a van in Cardiff on a Sunday evening, and drove it to London to arrive in time for when people were leaving off worship in the early hours of Monday morning. What are we to make of it? Is the author alone in his astonishment that a man all the way over in Cardiff has knowledge of kicking-out time at Finsbury Park?

We should also notice that Darren Osborne is reported in the corporate-media as having been “known for ‘flipping his lid’ when he drank too much”. Did Darren Osborne attack Muslims with a van because his lid was flipped? In a photograph purportedly taken shortly after his arrest (right), he certainly doesn’t look very stable. The author wonders if a bloke that sweaty and “emotional” should not have crashed the van not very far out of Cardiff, and the matter, therefore, should have been traffic accident related and firmly in the jurisdiction of South Wales Police?

And of course, as is usually the case with these things, it turns out that there has been a history of mental illness, with old Mrs Osborne, with whom Darren apparently still resided, claiming “he was “disturbed” and had been on medication for mental health problems… ‘My son is no terrorist – he’s just a man with problems and I don’t know how to cope with all this’”. Then of course, when the author saw this, he wasn’t surprised at all:

Osborne was born in Singapore but raised by his parents John and Christine in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, where he attended Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College… Neighbours [said] “Darren’s not had a bad life. He’s had quite a privileged life. He’s had more options than a lot of people.”

It would be very interesting to know if the Osborne’s were in Singapore in some role attached to or representing the British Government in one way or another.

Now compare, or contrast, with the case of the Forest Hill stabber – one Adrian Brown (allegedly). This was an incident that happened in December 2016, and the case is still ongoing. A man is on trial for an attempted murder (not terrorism, mind) after he had knifed a Muslim man. There was a big thing at the time about him apparently expressing a desire to hurt a Muslim during his rampage – but all this talk seems to have died out. In fact, there is no news about Adrian Brown. His case was meant to be heard at the start of June, but there is only silence even in the nooks and crannies of the internet. In fact, Brown did not come under any of the sort of scrutiny we are seeing being applied to Osbourne – which should make us incredibly suspicious of this Finsbury Park thing. You see, there is the real legal world, and there is a world of illusion that pretends to be real, and the British Establishment uses this latter instrument when it wants to cut corners that would be against the law, and to process the public fantasies that it owns to a point of conclusion. It could very well be that Brown’s case resides in the real legal world, and this would be why his trial wouldn’t be prejudiced by heavy corporate-media coverage – which definitely had been active at the very initial moments of its coverage in looking for a terror angle (this incident needs to be written about after Brown’s case has been concluded).

Additionally, if the reader is in any way knowledgeable in this particular field, then he or she will know that Finsbury Park Mosque has an extended history of being a psyop prop in the British Government’s long-developing strategy of tension – where hatred is engineered between communities for a fiendish political divide and rule scheme for authoritarian governance. The reader should research the history for him or herself – Richard Reid, Abu Hamza, etc – the point that the author wants to get to in this article is the apparent acceleration of the engineering of hatred.

There are police on the streets of even the quietest English market towns because of the two terror incidents in Manchester and London that immediately preceded the 2017 General Election – and the author knows because he has, in disbelief, seen them himself (and told them that they had to be joking). No one can deny that this doesn’t constitute a racheting. Armed police on the streets is not England – it doesn’t matter what country you imagine you are living in. Armed police, and any other security apparatus that is now going to come down on us like a hard rain, aren’t really aimed at would-be Muslim terrorists in the author’s market town – because there are none. In fact, any security apparatus that has been generated by recent events is not there to react to any potential Muslim terrorist in any town. Instead, it is aimed at the law-abiding body politic – the general public – so that, although it might not like some of the restrictions it will soon find Government has imposed on it, it will keep its head down all the same. And now, with this supposed terror attack by a white Briton, the Government looks like it may well have acquired justification for the deployment of its licensed thugs with guns – to point them at all sorts of innocent people while they are harmlessly going about their own business. And make no mistake – it is not a coincidence that this is happening just as Britons decide to leave the EU. What are the chances of Brexit happening with an EU “peacekeeping” force on the streets of Britain – there to so lovingly help the UK’s overstretched (and collaborating) gendarmerie? Farfetched, you think? Well, police with rifles in Dunny-on-the-Wold would have been farfetched ten years ago.

Up there with all the people you will have to thank for the authoritarianism that is now going to unfold will be all your favourite “alternative media” stars – those who are so energetically assisting in the instalment of fear and distrust between races and religions. Up for special recognition is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – or “On the Spot Tommy” Robinson, as he is known in these parts for his ability to be instantly on the scene of a “Muslim terror attack”, with his Rebel “fake news” Media affiliation,  to exploit events by declaring that all Muslims are “enemy combatants”. We’re not going to go into his record again here – it was covered a little in an article that is about to be mentioned – but we will note commonly-known connections between football hooliganism and the British intelligence agencies, and then the EDL (“founded” by Yaxley-Lennon) coming out of football crowds, and the commonly-known occurrence of the British intelligence infiltration of the BNP (which Yaxley-Lennon shortly became involved with before making a few enemies). In short, the Alt-Right “alternative media”, of which Rebel Media and “On the Spot Tommy” is now quite a substantial part (seemingly), has more than a whiff of the Government about it, and is clearly contributing to a recognisable strategy of tension – FBEL started to investigate in the article which can be read by clicking here. Moreover, these people have allies agitating in exactly the same way in the mainstream media – pea-brained Katy Hopkins for one. And isn’t it just typical that right at this moment, when things are promising to boil up and over, Piers Morgan has “On the Spot Tommy” on his show so that the agitator can get even more exposure?

These people are all players, unwitting or not, for the Government in its problem-reaction-solution-utilising fraudulent rule to become uncontested in rule – and for a nightmare outcome that is already manifesting itself as armed low-IQ thugs in black goosestepping up and down every quiet High Street in the land, and that only promises to further develop into scenarios that we just can’t imagine (early-morning kidnappings and mass detention in football stadia?). Keep following and supporting these people, keep buying the official narrative out of the Establishment’s corporate and “alternative” sources both, and just see what happens.

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  1. Jon A says:

    I heard someone from TellMama (anti islamophobic organisation) on Radio4 say that they were at the mosque earlier that evening advising them on security. Interesting coincidence.
    Mr Osborne could have just been driving through the area anyway when he saw a whole load of muslims on the streets late at night, and then ‘flipped his lid’ – not premeditated.
    Also, a couple of weeks ago a white lady (a nursery worker) was reportedly attacked by three knife wielding muslim women shouting pro-Islamic sentiments – but this has not been discussed as a terror attack.