Published On: Fri, May 12th, 2017

The intelligence media battleground: the Alt-Right

“Jeff C”, of the FreeRadioRevolution YouTube channel, is doing some very interesting work exposing the so-called Alt-Right media. Generally, the author finds YouTube to be idiotic, but has been listening to this particular media analyst and event sceptic for a while – although always in a guarded way. Media is an intelligence battle ground (and those of us who have a go soon find out). One should treat information as a fuller package: the data, and who is saying it. Then it can be fetched out later to make a bigger picture when the jigsaw allows.  The immediate beef that the author does have with Jeff C is his propensity for letting the blame for the world’s ills end with Zionism and Israel. This always invites the charge of anti-Semitism, and it’s a trap that is completely avoidable.

Jeff C postulates that what is loosely called “alternative media”, which is a huge and diverse genre of communication, is being concreted, in the public consciousness, into a limited grouping that is not representative across the board, but will nevertheless be identified as “alternative media”. In other words, someone is trying to create a perception that alternative media means one thing alone – and that thing is the Alt-Right – so that people can’t visualise “alternative media” outside of what is actually a false left-right paradigm. The installation of the Alt-Right, then, has in fact been the establishment of a “right-end” of a new political-media landscape – with the left being mainly corporate-media. The author must admit, the scheme has Globalist endeavour written all over it, and has indeed noticed that certain big names in big alternative media, who once warned consumers of “full spectrum dominance” (meaning one entity controlling left and right – which is indeed how things work) now likes to talk in terms of left versus right. The reference is to Infowars, but there are other main components, including Breitbart, and The Rebel Media – together with a new and recent blossoming of alt-right celebrities that have come out of nowhere during the Trump election campaign.

One doesn’t have to be very observant to perceive that a common feature of Alt-Right media is its virulent and tireless opposition to Islam. Now Islam has problems, this can’t be denied, and these problems need to be addressed. Indeed, they could be tackled easily – if western Government really wanted to. However, UK Government (let’s deal with our own case) prefers the state of tension that comes about through the continued incongruity of resolutely medieval Islam within a philosophical system that can’t accommodate it. In short, the UK Government needs the thorn of Islam in home territories in order to stoke support for foreign wars in Muslim countries. It really is a simple as all that. If people want to deal with Islam, they might start by refusing to react to provocation: the so-called attacks by Muslims which, when scrutinised beyond the corporate-media narrative, reveal themselves to be false flags; the psyops generated by intelligence agencies in their corporate-media arms and stories designed to stir hatred (the author believes the story about a Muslim who was in a pub and was accidently served pork could be a recent example). If people didn’t allow themselves to be wound up, the UK Government wouldn’t find Islam a very useful tool, and no one would notice it was a problem. However, when one looks at the history of Islam, and realises that expansion sometimes comes through its very backwardness (this will have to be explained in an FBEL “newsletter”), it cannot not be noticed. The solution is to deal with the British Government – to cut the head off the snake. That so many people don’t want to admit the real problem is a sign of a classic persecution system in operation.

Also in operation in Britain (and elsewhere, but we’ll stick with home) is the classic Hegelian Dialectic: the UK Government has created a problem with Islam, and it uses a reaction to it to further its agenda: to execute a “solution” to the problem. Well, war in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and wherever else one might care to mention is not the solution, and of course never fixing that which is broken means the Hegelian dynamic for war is never ending. But it does need feeding, and that is what the co-optioned “alternative media” – the Alt-Right – has been cultivated for. Now, Jeff C says that the ultimate benefactor is Israel, and thus the Alt-Right is “Zionist-controlled”. This outlook, in small alternative media in general, needs modification because it is not correct.

A proper and detailed examination of “Sionism” – it’s proper name – is planned in another future FBEL “newsletter”, but suffice it to say, the source of the phenomenon is British Israelism, and a Freemasonic concern for the capstone to be placed on the pyramid: symbolism for the completion of what is known as the Great Work (in fact, a Globalist socialist “utopia”). The building of the Temple of Sion is another metaphor for this – but somewhere along the way it developed a branch where it took on a literal dimension, and turned into physical Israel (which perhaps should be thought of as being more like another attempt at the Medieval Outremer than the Mosaic promised land). In short, Israel is a tool of some rich and powerful people – undoubtedly adherents of the Luciferian philosophy – who are using the Brotherhood network that is inherent to and has spawned from that belief system to create global circumstances that benefit them. This is what it basically boils down to, and the author can grasp it because he has invested time in, and understood William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon series; the reader is recommended to do the same.

But there is an opposing side to the paradigm that, on one flank, Israel occupies, and this is, of course, Islamic expansionism – a bug bear extraordinaire for the Alt-Right. The Alt-Right’s opposition to Islamic expansionism is the very essence of its anti-Islamism. So we clearly have a full spectrum dominance situation, and it cries out for scrutiny. Thus the author was inspired to unpack and re-examine intelligence revolving around, and regarding Breitbart/London.

The chief figure at the London version of Breitbart is Raheem Kassam, and what struck the author foremost, after a first perusal of Wikipedia entry for this fellow, was how Kassam had been “involved in an attempted foundation of the UK version of the Tea Party movement”. Now, this happened around 2010, and, frankly, it was an attempt by the Tories – the infamous Daniel Hannan being most prominent – to undermine UKIP. If Kassam was involved in this, then he’s off to a bad start in the author’s book. The following is also very interesting to anyone who suspects that ISIS is US/UK-intelligence led:  “[Kassam] attended the University of Westminster at the same time as the ISIS executioner known as ‘Jihadi John’, and has called his alma mater a ‘hot bed’ of fundamentalism”.

Wikipedia says that Kassam set up Breitbart/London with James Delingpole – who infamously called on his readers to vote for “my mate Dave” in the 2010 election (“they are… our least worst option), which was activity that the author categorizes alongside Hannan’s Tea Party as anti-UKIP. Indeed, the author was quick to notice that Breitbart/London, in its first outings, would have liked its audience to perceive UKIP as a right-wing little brother of the Tories – an idea that would have already been rejected by a majority in the party (UKIP described itself as being libertarian), but of course the Establishment will always try to dictate perceptions.

Other important data: the launch of Breitbart/London was in February 2014; Kassam became a UKIP voter in 2013 – according to his Wiki entry – and it wasn’t long after the launch of Breitbart – the 23rd October 2014 to be precise – that Raheem Kassam became Nigel Farage’s “senior aide” with his role described as being “to lead on advising Mr Farage in developing party messaging, strategy, fundraising and publicity.”

At the risk of making the reader wonder what this tangent has to do with anything (bear with it), before this appointment, in March 2013, Nigel Farage had a meeting with Rupert Murdoch, and the Telegraph speculated that the two talked about a political pact with the Tories at the 2015 election – as long as David Cameron stood down as leader of his party. Farage didn’t comment, and the Telegraph was probably engaged in diversionary tactics – or mischief. The author (who thought the meeting inappropriate) always wondered if there wasn’t any political tradecraft going on – Farage doing something in return for something that Murdoch wanted. Could it have been media related?

Well, things started to happen for UKIP. There was the big win at the European elections. And then there was the Douglas Carswell defection. This happened a week before another meeting between Farage and Murdoch in September 2014. According to Farage, Murdoch was “generally interested in hearing about the Carswell story”. Of course, there was the Great Cheat of 2015 (the general election), where UKIP had who-knows-many seats stolen off them on a night of dodgy counting, after which Kassam rejoined Breitbart. Notably the piece that announced the move foreshadowed the trouble that would be ahead for UKIP from these quarters…

Stephen K. Bannon, Executive Chairman of the Breitbart News Network said: “If UKIP’s Patrick O’Flynn thinks that he’s seen aggressive, Tea Party, American-style politics, he ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Kassam said, “It’s great to come home after a gruelling election campaign. I intend to give the left wing of UKIP — the people who tried to push tax raises and didn’t want to talk about immigration — the attention they deserve. I’m sure Louise Mensch will be delighted.”

It wasn’t long before there was indeed a so-called “Right vs Left”, Farage vs Carswell internal UKIP spat that seemed to live most vividly in the pages of Breitbart/London. That Breitbart/London loved to insert “right” and “left” into a party that was trying to swear off the concept always struck the author as oddly tenacious, and he has long held suspicions that infiltration of UKIP through the Carswell period had taken place at both ends to foment disruption throughout the party, although he feels that Farage had been played, rather than had intentionally run anti-UKIP disruption.

So, bringing things up to date, Kassam ran for the leadership of UKIP in 2016, and one of his campaign pledges was “to end the blanket ban on former members of groups like the English Defence League and BNP from being allowed to join the party.”

The PoliticsHome article continues:

Such a move could make the likes of Tommy Robinson, the controversial former English Defence League leader and friend of Mr Kassam, eligible for Ukip membership.

If you go to Breitbart and search for Tommy Robinson, you’ll find 7 result-pages worth of articles about him. Not least, there is an interview of Robinson – or Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, to give him his proper and full name – by Kassam himself, from which the following is taken:

[Robinson] also attacked the fascist elements that he claimed had infiltrated his former organisation, blasting the BNP and its former leader Nick Griffin, and remembering the first EDL march, where “we had placards that said… National Front go to hell.”

The author assumes (because he didn’t go to the trouble of watching the video) that what is being referred to in the text is Robinson’s EDL – with the implication given that it had started free of “far-right” intrusion. What this fails to convey is the fact that Robinson was himself briefly in the BNP, as he himself has freely admitted. Of course, Griffin had his own opinion of Robinson, and in a YouTube video, which can be viewed here, he appears to think that it was in fact Robinson who had been an infiltrator:

He came along, he’s been puffed up, hyped up by the Zionist backers, by the mass media, now by these fake moderate Muslims… they’re certainly fake, they’re either run by the British government, or they’re in fact hard liners wearing a soft mask – one way or another, yet again he’s a tool for someone else.

(The author finds it very interesting that Griffin’s hostility to Robinson drew a counter attack from the Establishment opinion-former, the Spectator, which attempted to ridicule crticism of Robinson as “Zionist puppet, Neocon fraud, and Wahhabist stooge”. This speaks volumes. Additionally, please note that the current BNP gives Robinson heroic treatment).

Well, we’ve already examined where the finger of blame should ultimately go when Zionism is evoked, and notice that Griffin talks about Muslim fundamentalists who pretend to be moderate, and who may or may not be controlled by British Government. Griffin, whether he understands it or not, is talking about the model for ultimate control in relation to Tommy Robinson and Muslims: the full spectrum dominance. In fact, there is rumour that the British so-called “far-right” has long been infiltrated, and is riddled with British intelligence for the purpose of tarring real national sovereignty movements with the same racist brush. The following is from the History of the BNP Wikipedia page:

[in 1993] the BNP proscribed membership of the group and claimed it had been infiltrated by MI5. In September 1995, Tyndall maintained that in response to the BNP’s victory in Millwall, C18 [Combat 18] had been ‘created’ by the State security services in order to wreck the BNP and its electoral support.

The author thinks that this is completely feasible, and in fact feels that, just to be safe, one should assume “Far-rightism” is an intelligence operation – in the UK it’s too idiotic to be anything else. And so this is why Raheem Kassam’s stated intention, while running for the leadership of UKIP, to open up the party for his “friend” Tommy Robinson and others of his ilk was of great concern. It should still be for anyone paying attention.

As we begin to tie things together, it should be no surprise to learn that Tommy Robinson, become a correspondent for The Rebel Media in February 2017. The author has also noticed that he does feature on Infowars quite an uncommon lot these days, appearing in interview with Paul Joseph Watson – another who coined the sarcasm “cultural enrichment” in conjunction with Muslim immigration into Europe, Britain and North America. And of course, Robinson continues to be receive coverage from Breitbart, which has also started pushing another character who should be treated with nothing but complete suspicion.

Anne Marie Waters is from Dublin (note, both of Tommy Robinson’s parents were Irish). She is somewhat at the centre of a new bit of trouble for UKIP because, as Paul Nuttall puts it, her views about Islam go “way above and beyond party policy”. Previous to her not being selected as a UKIP candidate for the 2017 election, there was a push by an element of UKIP (probably just a genuinely misguided one – people have been whipped into a frenzy after all) to make hers a prominent voice within the party. It seems that the UKIP leadership is cannier than its enemies give it credit for: the incursion failed, as it deserved to. In 2013, Waters tried to get selected as a Labour candidate, standing in the seat of Brighton Pavilion – she lost out, and anti-Muslim sentiment was also mooted as being a reason. At the time, she had very different feelings about UKIP:

I will undermine UKIP by addressing the issues they address and I will do so in plain English and listen respectfully to people’s concerns, no matter how taboo.

This alone, in the author’s view, is disqualifying. But then, additionally, one has to ask, is the anti-Islam thing coming from genuinely held ideas, or is it purely about undermining UKIP? Is it anti-UKIP activity? As we might by now have come to expect, Kassam weighed into the affair with a story headlined thusly: “If UKIP Ditches Anne Marie Waters, the Party Is Over”. In fact, he’d also been kicking up a stink when UKIP dropped Waters from their selection list for London Assembly candidates in 2016 – so we get the picture: Breitbart/London doesn’t like UKIP excluding an anti-Muslim agitator. Kassam presents the rejection of Waters as indicative of a failing UKIP leadership. The author suggests that, in the light of the evidence, and thanks to the revelation of the method, the reader should be able to see just exactly what is going on.

This brings us to something that is supposed to provide an overall summarising lesson, and it started as being quite the amazing coincidence. While the author was preparing this piece he started to see mention of something that he’d never seen before – to wit, Genie Energy Ltd.

Genie Energy has been granted oil exploratory rights in those parts in Syria that Israel captured in the 1967 war:

Last month Afek, an Israeli subsidiary of Genie Energy, a US oil company, announced that it had found considerable reserves of oil under the Golan. Genie’s chief geologist in Israel, Yuval Bartov, said the company believed the reservoir had the “potential of billions of barrels”.

International law experts say any proceeds from such a find in the Golan should revert to Syria, but Israel has so far indicated it will ignore its legal obligations.

Central to this enterprise, therefore, is an unstable Syria, as an article headlined “Israel exploits Syrian chaos to plan looting of Golan oil” explores (here), and central to an unstable Syria is the continued ISIS psyop, and Western-backed mercenary invasion.

That being said, we won’t just let it rest at “Israel exploits Syria”; who are the individuals behind it? Well, amongst the major shareholders of Genie Energy are a certain Lord Jacob Rothschild, and one Rupert Murdoch, and a fellow going by the name of Dick Cheney (see here and here). Investigating further, the author was pleasantly surprised to find out that Genie Energy’s logo is a lamp. Of course, this must be referring to Aladdin of the Arabian Nights – or perhaps ‘Alā’ ad-Dīn Muḥammad III, who was a leader of the medieval Nizari Ismailis, or the Order of Assassins – basically Mystery School adherents – who were intrinsically linked with the spread of the Crusader-era wave of Gnosticism into Europe via the various orders of monastic knight. This isn’t an idea that the author has invented. The reader should obtain a copy of the “Man who would be King” (John Huston’s film version is excellent) by Rudyard Kipling. Two Victorian Englishmen venture into “Kafiristan” to find that the High Priests are fellow Freemasons. The fiction represents real ideas, history, that the Brethren had, by the 19th century, cultivated about themselves. As it happens, we don’t have the space to go much further than that into the similarities between Islam and Christianity in terms of Luciferianism, but the Islamic Djinn, or Genie, is what one might refer to as a Lucifer Spirit in Freemasonic (Templar) mythology. He is a carrier of the fire of knowledge – hence the rays coming off the lamp in Genie Energy’s logo.

And so this Genie Energy company is a perfect emblem to remind us that the Islam vs West culture war is controlled from both ends by the same people, and in exactly the same way that all the full spectrum dominance scenarios covered in this article are. It’s the modus operandi of the people who rule, and rule exclusively for their own benefit. They won’t be stopped until people abandon their control systems, and stop buying into and being exploited by the fake confliction of deliberately exaggerated or fabricated divisions.


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