Published On: Tue, Mar 27th, 2018

Some perspective and correction via H G Wells’ “The Time Machine”

The ongoing study of the works of H G Wells continues at FBEL with an article about the short story, The Time Machine. It’s a good time to delve into this work and reveal its secrets, because one of the messages of The Time Machine is that the Socialist World Order is a project that won’t be spoiled by a war that its Masonic Anglo-globalist cabal can’t win. Right now, there is a lot of unseemly panic and doomsday prophesying in the sorts of alternative media that are seen by their large (paying) audiences to be gurus of geopolitical analysis. “US hegemony or war”, is the sort of thing the reader might have chanced upon, and it is not correct. The World Wars of the 20th century were for generating new phases of a planned progress to a World State. The matter was partially discussed in another FBEL article in this series, In which we observe H G Wells agitating for a New World Order in 1940.

In 2018, the Russian Federation is quite clearly in a position to hurt the Anglo-globalists so badly that, in the West, there won’t even be any capability to rule the territories that now fall under City of London/Washington DC control. It would be a war whose outcome the Anglo-globalists will not be able to control, and which might even see the survival of a Russian command structure – which would be the end of the Western Masonic Great Work. There isn’t going to be a war. World famous internet analysts don’t know it because, for whatever reason (and it’s up to the reader to ask why), they never cover the Secret Societies.

Likewise, UK alternative media is full of talk about how present events in the world represent the inevitable failure of capitalism. To give an example, the author heard an interview today where the forces driving events like the Skripal hoax were identified as the big bank and corporation-sponsored Council on Foreign Relations, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs. However, again for whatever reason, there was no mention of even the remotest possibility of these two think tanks being components of a Masonic hierarchy which, therefore, could not be interested in chaos for attacking the Government, as was being alleged. Jeremy Corbyn’s name came up, unsurprisingly, as the saviour who would reinstate democracy.

Well, FBEL readers will know that democracy is a very different thing to republicanism, which is the actual system whereby people could rule themselves. The British alternative media, being chocked full of socialist ideologues as it seems to be, would save the world from corporate-government with government – without appearing to grasp that there isn’t any difference. So, a look at The Time Machine at this time is useful in reminding that socialism and central planning are defining aspects of the Great Work, while the type of government, all the while it isn’t republican, is just about means of delivery.

The presumption here is that the reader has also read The Time Machine, because there isn’t going to be a retelling of the story.

There are several clues that The Time Machine is a Masonic text (the same applies to all of H G Wells’ works analysed thus far at FBEL). The first is the appearance of the Sphinx in the tale. This symbol is so important that Wells demanded that an image of the creature appeared on the cover of the first edition. Carved in white marble, it sits on a bronze pedestal in the land of the future, and it’s the first thing that the Time Traveller (TT) encounters when he arrives there. The structure upon which the Sphinx sits is also a portal that leads to the Morlocks’ underground layer.

The reader may have seen the Sherlock Holmes film starring Robert Downey Jr – and the author recommends it as essential viewing because it shows a Masonic effort to gain control of the levers of power (which is telling it like it is). In this film, the Sphinx provided a clue for capturing the villain Lord Blackwood. Holmes announced that it represented a gateway to another dimension. Indeed, the Sphinx is probably best known in literature as the obstacle in Oedipus’ progress to becoming king of Thebes. The “other dimension”, then, is a change of status (Blackwood wants to be the controller of an expanded British Empire), and in actual fact, it represents an aspect of the Luciferian progress to godhood. Bill Cooper, in his Mystery Babylon series, says this of the Sphinx:

And this is the mystery of the Sphinx that man has been trying to decipher since man discovered the Sphinx in the modern world. It is simply this: that man is nothing but an animal with a brain, with an intellect. It is to remind us, folks. It is to tell us that no matter what you think or how high you get, you are still nothing but an animal with an intellect. Period.

While the Sphinx reminds of man as an animal, it therefore reminds that the animal part should be purged in order to become a purely spiritual entity. Again, the metaphor of alchemical reduction applies: the burning off of the impurity to create the purer substance. It takes an act of destruction to produce the evolution. In other words, progress must be stimulated (by war if necessary, as long as the outcome is controllable) – which is a common theme of the works of H G Wells that we’ve looked at. The evolution of man into a god is also about membership of a self-proclaimed ruling class that will order society for its benefit (it is delusion to justify being in control). The goal is a return of mankind into a Babylonian slavery.

The Time Machine is basically an expression and an exploration of this ideology. So, at first the TT supposes that the Eloi represent the entire human race evolved in a way that tells of a communist past. There is no private property except the clothes that the Eloi stand up in. There is no family, thus the necessary differences between the sexes have disappeared; e.g. there is no need to protect a family unit from banditry, so men do not need to be masculine. Illness appears to have been stamped out, and the flora and fauna suggest that there has been a deliberate engineering. The upshot is an absence of the parasite in nature, and subtly enhanced species, and a reduction of decay; the TT never overtly states it, but the indication is that because of their well being, the Eloi have also been deliberately engineered through breeding. Moreover, people exist in a self-regulating way (in terms of population) in a communal garden; in short, a sustainable utopia has been attained.

The TT laments one thing. The human race had evidently arrived at a point where there was no stimulus for progression, and the people degenerated into infantilism. That the creatures are called Eloi helps the reader make a judgement during the early part of the TT’s evaluations. Eloi is the word that Jesus uses to cry “My God” when he is on the cross. The rest of the phrase goes “why hast thou forsaken me”. The meaning is clear in the Luciferian scheme. The god referred to is the one in man that an adept in Mystery Babylon should find; it is also code for the completion of the Great Work – which is to organise the world for the benefit of the “gods”, or the ruling class. The social environment that the TT finds is, as far as he is concerned, a forsaking of man by his god. Hence his great disappointment. Note, that the name “Eloi” is probably of the TT’s own invention, and thus the TT, then, is an initiate. He mentions Victorian social struggles that he seems to claim ownership of. In the future, which he can experience for himself, he sees the consequences of his own travails: he sees man returned to the garden of Eden with no need of God, and without God in it. But the Luciferian victory is completely pyrrhic.

A brief word here on “change for change’s sake”. Change for change’s sake is a big feature of Wells’s work. It is required to supply the necessary stimuli for Luciferian development. Change for change’s sake is the progression of the political Progressive. When David Cameron called the Tory party “the Progressive Conservatives” he was openly stating belief in the same Luciferian doctrines that all the other main stream parties had overtly pledged themselves to. Britain has been a Masonic State in the pursuit of Babylon for many years.

The TT manages to miss a number of clues, however. Someone is still producing clothes for the Eloi; someone is gathering food for them to eat. This activity requires an ability to plan and produce. We are reminded that a supposedly perfect communist system could never degenerate into a simple idyll because it must always plan in order to sustain itself. It might become inefficient and corrupt, and would self-destruct before it became idiotic, but it must be planned otherwise it would be overthrown. The Eloi are not the planners – the Morlocks are, but the reader is thrown off the scent of Morlock government by the TTs reappraisal on discovering these subterranean dwellers.

“Morlock” also seems to be the name given to the creatures by the TT. If the r is treated like an l (which can be used interchangeably in some ancient languages) we can suppose that the reference is to Moloch (Mollock). The following extract is from the Wikipedia entry about Moloch, and we can see several very clear reasons for concluding that this is the source of the name:

Moloch is the biblical name of a Canaanite god associated with child sacrifice. The name of this deity is also sometimes spelled Molech, Milcom, or Malcam. The name Moloch results from a dysphemic vocalisation in the Second Temple period of a theonym based on the root mlk “king”…

Otto Eissfeldt in 1935 argued that mlk was not to be taken as a theonym at all but as a term for a type of fire sacrifice, and that *lĕmōlek “as a molk-sacrifice” had been reinterpreted as the name of a Canaanite idol following the Deuteronomic reform under Josiah (r. 640–609 BC). According to Eissfeldt, this 7th-century reform abolished the child sacrifice that had been happening.

If mlk is actually a word for the type of worship (thus a means to control society) then the reference is to a form of government that goes back to Babylon. What with the Phoenician (Canaanite) decoration on the buildings where the Eloi live, everything tells us that the Morlocks had been and are the ruling class, and that the society had developed into a full Babylonian system. It’s very likely that the eating of Eloi flesh did not start because the Morlocks had no other alternative, as the TT supposes, but it developed from a system that had instituted human sacrifice.

Of course, Wells, through the TT, wants the reader of the story to understand that the Morlocks are the victims of the sun-dwellers. He divides the subspecies thusly: the Eloi are a race descended from an exploitative Capitalist class, and the Morlocks a race descended from an exploited Labourer class, thus suggesting that the Eloi, before their final descent into decadence, had built (or at least overseen the building of) the underground tunnels where the Morlocks had to live and work. The aristocratic-capitalists became indolent to the point of becoming prey (that the TT tries, at one point, to rationalise as being deserved), and the proletariat-labourers degenerate underground (physically at least) to become ape like and cunning.

And so, the TT’s appraisal of the world he finds himself in resolves itself in to a final theory that he doesn’t think has a rival hypothesis. It is the TT’s theory that becomes established in the story’s audience as being indicative of Wells’ meaning: the Eloi were not socialist utopians, but were uncaring capitalists that had forced the working class underground and into a perfect environment for exploiting them (e.g. access to air could be denied if rents weren’t paid). But Wells was in fact being perverse because there is no doubt that he knew that the horror he had portrayed would not be an accidental karmic repercussion of the perceived evils of capitalism, and that the society in The Time Machine was an honest prediction about the development of Statism from the point of view of the social-Darwinist.

Further clues are as follows: the Morlocks never overthrow the Eloi, even when they supposedly run out of options for food. The 99% cannot live on (literally) the 1%. Instead, the masses feed the elite. Indeed, the TT was right the first time; the Eloi do have communism – but they suffer from it. The Morlocks are the “Capitalists” and the Eloi” are the “Labourers” – but this is to use the misnomers that Wells used. “Capitalism” is a word that is abused today by those who want to deceive people into a scheme of central governmental planning and ownership – or the Babylonian system.

Once again, note that there is no room in Wells’ scheme for the middle class. This has been remarked upon before during the studies here of Wells’ works. There is no middle class because it is not conducive for the socialist state, and the people who control it:

The bitter truth of the matter is that the socialist state can only survive if it creates the sort of “have and have-not” economics that the likes of Jeremy Corbyn are always rebuking to foment and manipulate their political base.


[If] Victorian social engineering… didn’t happen[,] a degenerate ruling class… that had as yet been able to dominate through cunning and criminality would eventually have been out-competed and turned into “useless eaters” by a gentrified middle class that had begun developing in the preceeding Georgian era.


Capitalism is middle-classism – capital (wealth) spread widely. That’s why socialists want to stamp it out. The political entity that is claimed, by socialists, to be capitalism is in fact cronyism; it is corporate-government, which is all about a rigged market place, and nothing to do with free trade. When there is a tiny group that controls the means of production, then it is socialism, not capitalism, and it doesn’t matter if the controllers are corporations, or government departments.

In the future world of The Time Machine, there is the perfect model of central control. The Eloi are not “labourers”, for sure, but they are the result of the evolution of the socialist state that we are seeing in our time when production is scaled down, and people are moved onto welfare recipience. The Eloi are a reasonable projection into the future of the football and Coronation street watching masses; they are the class that provides sustenance for their overlords in return for some basic welfare. Limited availability for consumers is only a problem for central planners (in a system that doesn’t produce anything) if there is demand. In a socialist state, where the masses are inculcated to think of demand as a destructive impulse (as is the intention with Agenda 2030), then there doesn’t need to be any production. The relationship between the Morlocks and the Eloi is the most efficient planner-subject model that anyone has ever envisaged. This is the big revelation of The Time Machine.

In the cold laboratory light of the Victorian Masonic social-Darwinist, there aren’t any necessary requirements about form regarding man’s evolution into godhood; one doesn’t have to become an angelic creature. All that is required is development that ensures the place at the top of the pile. In The Time Machine, Wells is saying that the ruling class – the class that he belongs to – is ugly and brutish, but none of that matters. It’s being in control that counts.

The Morlocks are the Masonic-Babylonian “gods” of the future – as such they satisfy Victorian and modern day socialist ambitions. Their dark tunnels are symbols for the secrets of their Order – which can only be seen by adepts: those who have evolved to do so. That the TT invites the reader to share his loathing of the Morlocks is done in the belief that they are the degenerate working class – it’s another perverse trick to deny real understanding. And we can directly compare the Morlocks with the Spartans – the Dorian invaders who made the people they conquered into slaves to be man-hunted and generally abused. Previously, FBEL covered the Victorian ruling class aspiration to Spartan dominance over any would-be challengers to their hegemony; this class survives today (please read the article in question here), and it’s why the British Government thinks it can commit crime against the British people. It is why the British Government thinks it can import another slave class from Eastern Europe.

Returning to the encompassing theme of this piece by which it was introduced: when alternative media is telling its audience that Government is something to be defended from attack by the “Deep State” then it is being wilfully misleading. There is no separation between the State and the Government, because it’s all controlled from above. The idea is to control through the ordering of everything. Likewise, when alternative media is telling its audience that the USA is going to have a war with Russia – despite an environment where the latter could dismantle everything that the Anglo-globalists have been working for a hundred and fifty years to achieve towards an eternal Babylonian futurity – then there is a very good chance that it is deliberately misleading its audience. The reader must apply his or her own discretion.

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