Published On: Thu, Jun 14th, 2018

All too predictable: dead horse gets flogged in “Tommy Robinson” arrest psyop

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The command has obviously gone out. All of the major Alt-Right agitation-propagandists are singing furiously to the same hymn sheet – and they all struck up at exactly the same time. It was predicted here at FBEL: “Tommy Robinson” psyop escalation falls at first hurdle; expect whip to be applied to dead horse. The intention with that article had been to wrap FBEL coverage up, having provided enough material for readers to form their own conclusions about provocations past, present and to come. However, when the movement of the dead controlling hand can be spied so easily through the frantic bobbings up and down, and the shrieking for attention of its shills, then articles tend to write themselves.

Yesterday, Paul Joseph Watson wrote the following for PrisonPlanet/Infowars:

Robinson was jailed last month for a “breach of the peace” while live streaming a trial involving Muslim rape gang outside Leeds Crown Court.

He was initially held in a low security prison with a low Muslim population…

the activist has now been moved to another prison that has a large Muslim prison population.

In fact, as far as the author understands the case, “Tommy Robinson” was imprisoned for being in breach of a suspended sentence for contempt of court (and as for Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, no one seems to know if he is even in jail). So, Watson gets off to a reliable start as he appears to retail an account given to Infowars by “Robinson’s” “manager”, Caolan Robertson; it is an account with an accent on concern had for “Robinson’s” safety while in prison. We note that Watson, in a weasling manner that probably reflects an anxiety (noticed hereabouts before) about not being taken as a serious journalist, couches the sensationalist interpretation of the apparent news in terms that makes it appear to belong to other people:

Some are claiming that moving Robinson to a heavily Muslim-populated prison represents a de facto “death sentence”.

Given that Watson’s is a report on the information supplied to Infowars by Robertson, we should perhaps take it that the “some” who are predicting certain death for “Tommy Robinson” do not include his own manager. Indeed, Robertson, as far as he is reported, only goes as far with the fear mongering rhetoric to say that the new prison is “full of people who (don’t) like him [“Robinson”],” and “he’s a much higher target now”. While he also appears to claim that “Robinson” has received death threats while in jail, this would be a fact, and not an opinion (which is what everything else amounts to), if it could be verified. It can’t be verified. And so it comes down to whether you trust Caolan Robertson – he who was thrown together with “Robinson” to become the one-time UK outpost of Rebel Media. Rebel Media, of course, suffered a credibility meltdown after the Charlottesville Alt-Right vs Antifa incident of August 2017. See the FBEL article The Alt-Right trap misfires – survivors scramble to save their skins.

Getting a big mention in that piece was Alex Jones and his Infowars operation – which goes merrily from one exercise in mendacious disinformation spreading to another with no apparent lasting damage – suggesting, as has been suspected in these quarters, that funding does not come entirely from snake oil sales. Most recently (as far as the author paid attention to it) was the drawing attention to, and promotion of an anonymous internet message board horoscope writer. As anyone who has scornfully flung Mystic Meg into the bin should know, the clues are always broad and vague enough to interpret whichever way the reader wants to.

For this latest development in the evidently concerted program to agtitate-propagandise around the character of “Tommy Robinson”, Jones put out a video entitled: “EMERGENCY: Tommy Robinson Transferred To Muslim Prison, Facing Certain Death”. There’s only one way to respond, and that’s point out the radio moment that should have ended Jones’ career in 2000: Evil Putin fires Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles into the USA on Y2K.

[William Cooper saved the broadcast for posterity – in three parts:


Not to be outdone is the slithery Stefan Molyneux, and a video entitled: “Tommy Robinson’s Life Is In Danger. They Want Him Dead.” Frankly, the author has never had any interest in this individual, but his record (as the likes of Jeff C have documented), and the people he shares his platform with, and the message he purveys places him firmly in the Alt-Right camp. Obviously one question begs to be answered. How does Molyneux know that “they” want “Robinson” dead? Or is it just agitation-propaganda based on no facts whatsoever?

The people who want to create a tumult with this psyop are so desperate that even the pea-brained Katy Hopkins received the call. Ever so conveniently, she was able to appear on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show (as suggested by a tweet that she published), where presumably she could voice the same sort of material as appeared in the text of the said tweet:

Tommy Robinson WILL NOT survive 13 months in prison. The Establishment are cleansing him from public life – permanently #TommyRobinson

How does Katy Hopkins know that “Tommy Robinson” will not survive in prison? How does she come to possess this remarkable inside knowledge?

One starts to wonder if there is a plan to “kill off” the fictional character “Tommy Robinson”, and have Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon retire into obscurity. There has been much made about the sudden disappearance from YouTube of a video in which “Tommy Robinson” predicts that he won’t be around for much longer. Maybe he’s already been shipped out with the Skripal’s onto a witness protection program in the US.

The prime mover amongst all of the mouthpieces appears to be Raheem Kassam – who, it should be noted, is no longer attached to Breitbart. One sentence is not enough to try to get to bottom of that development, so it shan’t be attempted. However, at FBEL, we’ve already noticed the kind of circles that he has moved in – see the article, The intelligence media battleground: the Alt-Right.

The chief figure at the London version of Breitbart is Raheem Kassam, and what struck the author foremost, after a first perusal of Wikipedia entry for this fellow, was how Kassam had been “involved in an attempted foundation of the UK version of the Tea Party movement”. Now, this happened around 2010, and, frankly, it was an attempt by the Tories – the infamous Daniel Hannan being most prominent – to undermine UKIP. If Kassam was involved in this, then he’s off to a bad start in the author’s book. The following is also very interesting to anyone who suspects that ISIS is US/UK-intelligence led:  “[Kassam] attended the University of Westminster at the same time as the ISIS executioner known as ‘Jihadi John’, and has called his alma mater a ‘hot bed’ of fundamentalism”.

Here are some of the tweets that Kassam published in relation to the movement of “Tommy Robinson” from Hull Prison.

UPDATE: Tommy’s human rights are being violated as he was moved to a new UK prison last night, without warning or reason. He is now in a very heavily Muslim populated prison in the Midlands in England. #FreeTommy


UPDATE: I am told the decision to move Tommy Robinson from a relatively safe prison to a highly unsafe one came from the @ukhomeoffice — which means people need to be asking questions of @sajidjavid, Britain’s new Home Secretary. #FreeTommy


I have personally verified all the information I have put into the public domain via the only people who would know. His family.


UPDATE: I do not believe “71%” of Tommy’s new fellow inmates are Muslim. It is more like 1 in 5. That is still high and higher than average UK prison population. There’s no need for us to disseminate incorrect figures when the real truth is bad enough.


Some of this stuff does not need commenting upon, because it undermines itself. Obviously, the last tweet featured here contained some rowing back against agit-prop, disseminated from elsewhere, for the purposes of attempting to remain credible. Also, Kassam appears to have got himself onto a sticky wicket with the attempt to rouse blame and have spleens vented towards a brown-skinned Home Office minister. As several people on Twitter pointed out to him, the Ministry of Justice is ultimately responsible for where a prisoner is incarcerated. As for the accusation that “human rights are being violated”, the author imagines that like a soldier in the army, a prisoner can get transferred at a moment’s notice. It’s not the Savoy, is it?

But the really interesting tweet is the third one featured here. This suggests that Raheem Kassam has obtained his information from a source that is separate to anyone in “Robinson’s” family – and this would be right, given that we shouldn’t imagine that they would be privy to the details about who made what decision about “Robinson’s” prison life. However, it appears that we are being asked to believe that “Robinson’s” family can corroborate information relating to a decision coming from the top of the Home Office and that would have to over-rule the Ministry of Justice. Really? Is someone in the “family” a big-shot down in Whitehall – or some other government department that could get the inside skinny? Maybe they are, for all that we know.

We’ll end by directing the reader to a story at Leicestershire-Live (Leicester Mercury), published 13th June:

The boss of Leicester cafe St Martin’s Coffee has angrily denied an internet troll’s claim that the business supports former EDL leader Tommy Robinson.

Staff at the venue, in St Martin’s Square, in the city centre, became aware of the post on Twitter this morning.

Cafe owner Andy Hall said he was “devastated” by the false claim.

The poster said the business had made a £300 donation to Robinson’s family.

The poster claims on their profile to be the head of social media for right-wing political group Britain First.

However, Britain First does not include the Twitter profile on its list of “official” social media accounts.

The poster also falsely claims there will be a right-wing march in Leicester on Saturday and that the cafe will host those taking part.

In the previous FBEL article, there was brief analysis of another similar Twitter hoax, and it was concluded that it must have originated from perpetrators of the psyop. This smacks of the same thing, and it serves to remind that the psychopaths who would be behind this psyop are not averse to inventing complete fairy stories,  for the purpose of advancing their agenda, that would ruin innocents. It doesn’t matter if later the lie gets discovered – it’s the impact that it can make in the intervening period that counts. It’s about the disruption that the tweet will cause. And the idea to produce this sort of material for the said effect is not something that is usually fermenting in the brain of the usual useful idiot – instead, it smacks of an agitation-propaganda tactic that a PR operative might have learnt in a text book.


Update, 14th June, 4pm:
Once again, thanks to the precision ranting of Alex Jones, the Mirror can write an article lumping decent conspiracy theorists in with “far-right crank(s)”. Job done, Jones (again). It’s from this article that the author (who won’t watch an Alex Jones video) discovered how the claim of a 71% Muslim population in “Robinson’s” new home had come from Caolan Robertson (he is from the Rebel Media stable after all). Paul Joseph Watson would have had to have been very selective in his efforts to appear corporate-media quality.

The Mirror story also reveals that Leicester prison is rumoured to have been the destination for “Robinson’s” transfer. If this is true it makes the Leicester Mercury story even more interesting.

Of course, there is no reason to believe the Mirror either – especially when its investigative reporters think that “Onley… is nowhere near Leicester”; that’s written like a Londoner. In addition, the last time the author went past it, Onley was a young offender’s prison.

And it’s imperative that we are aware that this discussion about prison transfers, and the resultant dispute about which institution “Tommy Robinson” might be in draws us into reinforcing the narrative even when we are not convinced by it – and as such reveals its true purpose. We should not forget that although there might well be a Tommy Robinson in the prison system, it certainly isn’t the one that these provocateurs are demanding to be freed (i.e. “Tommy Robinson” is a fiction).

Update, 14th June, 5pm:
Well, it appears that there is no time to aspire to having corporate-media-like prestige when there’s agit-prop to be spread across social media. Yesterday, Paul Joseph Watson tweeted this: “BREAKING: Tommy Robinson has reportedly been moved to a prison with a 71% Muslim population.” It’s a lie. But now there is a comment on UKIPDaily claiming that “Robinson” is at Olney, where his cell has a prayer mat on the floor.

Update, 14th June, 5.30pm:
Things are moving fast. The provocateurs have started to maintain that “Robinson” is in Olney, and a “Keep Tommy Safe Campaign” has been very speedily rolled out. One of the main agitators, UKIP’s Gerard Batten, has tweeted out instructions on how to get involved:

Write a letter or postcard to: Rory Stewart MP, Minister for Prisons, Hse of Commons, Westminster, SW1 0AA. “What are you doing to keep him safe? Move him to a safe place.” Emails can be deleted or ignored, but a mountain of paper can’t. Retweet please.

Unfortunately, Batten appears not to have got the memo instructing recipients to hold Sajid Javid responsible for “Tommy Robinson’s” plight, and is instead directing folks to write to the Bilderberg attendee, Rory Stewart.

Update, 14th June, 7.15pm:
The brazen agitation-propagandising reaches new heights. The dead horse whipping grows ever more frenzied. Being reported by Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars, Caolan Robertson has some remarkable inside knowledge about orders from “the top” to move “Robinson” to another prison – just like “Robinson’s” “family”, then, with whom Kassam verified his information.

Robertson also expressed concern for “Robinson” because of “an ‘official contract’ [that] has been put out to have him killed, within the prison”. Additionally, confirmation is made with reference to that floor covering in “Robinson’s” new cell, which, according to Robertson, “consists of just a blue mat on the floor”.

They say that IQ levels are falling, but anyone who believes this has got to have had a whole brain removed.


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