Published On: Thu, Jan 6th, 2022

Djokovic and tin-pot Australia: Nazi Germany was more relaxed about Jesse Owens

It’s probably true to say that the German Nazi government was more relaxed about Jesse Owens than the Australian tin-pot regime is about Novak Djokovic.

Whatever reason that the Australian immigration service, and government officials, give for denying entry to Djokovic to play in that country’s tennis championship, it is supremely easy to discern that the real grounds for doing so are these: to prevent a player “unvaccinated” against “Covid-19” competing and winning, and disproving political correctness, and embarrassing the truth of the philosophical cult that preserves the Coronahoax.

In short, having Djokovic, the current championship title holder, win the Australian Open would be like a black man winning running races in the 1936 Olympics to disprove the fallacy of Aryan super-humanity. Except, not quite – the German government appears to have been quite at ease with Owens’ competing and success. It is not true that Hitler snubbed Jesse Owens, as per the main prong of propaganda that attempts to portray Nazi derangement. Hitler didn’t congratulate any athlete on their success after the first day of the games when he got into trouble with Olympics officials for not being suitably neutral.  And the real problem that this had to do with was the basic dominance of German athletes on their home turf (as per a pattern often reproduced).

So, the following history, as published by the BBC in support of the national GCSE curriculum with which children are inculcated in Britain is not correct:

Nazi beliefs were enforced on the German population using a combination of indoctrination and terror. The propaganda machine under Joseph Goebbels encouraged acceptance of Nazi beliefs, ideas and values…

Berlin hosted the Olympics of 1936, which the Nazis used as an opportunity to showcase the success of the regime and to demonstrate the superiority of the Aryan race. The victories of the African-American athlete Jesse Owens for the USA infuriated the Nazi leadership.

As it happens, what this extract is best at communicating above anything else is how the UK Government projects its own anxiety, on an historical whipping boy, about the security of the “beliefs, ideas and values” that it wants to enforce on the British population “using a combination of indoctrination and terror” – which no one can deny it does. And this is a phenomenon of Anglo-globalist governance, not just restricted to the UK Government and its educational media apparatchiks, as demonstrated by the following, from a Smithsonian Magazine piece:

In 1936 Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Berlin Olympics, throwing the idea of Aryan supremacy back into Hitler’s face.

Apparently, German crowds were thrilled by the races won by Jesse Owens. He was allowed to stand at the top of a medal ceremony rostrum without having to perform a Roman salute. In contrast, Anglo-globalist corporate-media has given acres of space over to the slurring and dehumanisation of Djokovic, including vox-populi pieces in which interviewed Australian subjects of the Crown give vent to their disgust at him.

It is absolutely right to say that there is a direct comparison to be made between the circumstances of the 1930s and those of current times, when in the former, junk eugenics so-called science was used as foundation for a political philosophical doctrine. German “racial hygiene”, as it was called, was in fact an adoption of ideas that had germinated very much in Britain. The frank handling of the subject by the Germans just lifted the veil on what it truly constituted: optimisation of society (ultimately, to produce the type of mankind out of which some could become god, because Nazism was a sort of Freemasonry ) by application of medical science†.

In the 2020s, the world suffers from something that is also the product of the same Masonic delusion, fundamentally to do with the concept of there being no progress allowed into the future for the sort of mankind that doesn’t accept the conditions by which they can live in the technocracy (that serves the interests of the godhood candidates). The measurements by which a person can suit the system (or, Machine – see here) that will bring Luciferian (Masonic) progress are tailored by junk medical science. Djokovic, being of material that is not cut to fit, by dint of not being “vaccinated” against “Covid-19”, but who is yet capable of tremendous feats of sporting prowess so that he can triumph against the “vaccinated” (and shaped to conform), is a dangerous demonstration of the incredible fraud and deception that facilitates the system.

Not surprisingly, it is Djokovic’s unorthodox – “science sceptical” – ideas about his own health (his prerogative in a truly free society) that the writer of a Telegraph hit piece targets as part of that aforementioned media exercise in mud-slinging (British Mi7 serves the same master as the Australian Government). However, even if we ourselves do not agree with the New-Agery that Djokovic appears to concern himself with, we still cannot help but notice that all that is unhinged in this piece is the foam-flecked violence of the writer’s delivery, as if, indeed, a yet more fundamentalist minion of a yet more zealous Goebbels was penning it:

Want to know how Novak Djokovic became seemingly so vulnerable to quackery of all kinds, and a poster boy for the anti-vaxx movement? You only have to read his autobiography, Serve To Win. This peculiar book is full of new-age jibber-jabber, with chapter titles such as “How Opening My Mind Changed My Body”…

Here is the new Novak. The seeker after truth. The lover of nature. Here is a man who broke up his visits to Wimbledon with trips to the nearby Buddhapadipa Temple to meditate by a lake. A man who revealed two years ago that he has a “friend” in Melbourne’s Botanical Gardens – “a Brazilian fig tree that I like to climb”. Yes, Djokovic’s jet-setting spiritualism might sound charming in itself. But its side-effect has been credulousness.

Make no mistake, it is not to exaggerate to say that there’s no difference between Djokovic and Owens in the respect of their both being disproof of a stanchion for maniacal government, but the former finds himself in a time when the fanaticism is all the more greater. Indeed, the fervour is all too clear in the way that the Australian Government hurried to ban the tennis player, seemingly declining to construct any plausible deniability cover for what was an authoritarian reflex action.

The Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison (who looks so much like a political thug, that one must conclude he’s the closest thing to a brute in a military uniform that the Australian people could vote for at the moment), rejected claims that Djokovic was persecuted because other tennis players with health exemptions had been allowed entry into the country, and proffered a certain rather oafishly unbelievable rationalisation about how Djokovic “had not been singled out” as is couched in the following reportage:

On Thursday morning, Mr Morrison took to social media to confirm Djokovic’s visa had been cancelled.

“Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders,” he tweeted.

“No one is above these rules. Our strong border policies have been critical to Australia having one of the lowest death rates in the world from Covid, we are continuing to be vigilant.”

“Talking to reporters, the PM was challenged as to why other tennis players had been given medical exemptions to enter Australia and if border officials had reserved “special treatment” for Djokovic.

Mr Morrison said that was not to case but ABF [Australian Border Force] staff nonetheless “act on intelligence to direct their attention to potential arrivals”.

“When you get people making public statements, of what they say they have and what they are going to do and what their claims are, they draw significant attention to themselves.

“Anyone who does that – whether they are a celebrity, a politician, a tennis player, a journalist, whoever does that – they can expect to be asked questions more than others before you,” he said.

“That is how Border Force works. They are not singled out at all.”

The supposed act by Djokovic being referred to, by which there was this drawing of “significant attention” is an Instagram post, that reads:

“I’ve spent fantastic quality time with my loved ones over the break and today I’m heading Down Under with an exemption permission. Let’s go 2022!!”

It is a matter of fact that Djokovic was granted an exemption to play in the Australian Open, and it is hard to see why this true statement would be problematic without the helping hand offered by the Australian Fox Sports article from which Morrison’s comments have here been conveyed:

But that “exemption” to being vaccinated had no effect with Djokovic detained at Melbourne Airport late last night after his Emirates flight landed.

This morning, the tennis star was told to leave the country after the Australian Border Force (ABF) said he failed to “provide appropriate evidence to meet the entry requirements to Australia”…

It is quite possible that the Australian Government was looking to conflate Djokovic’s OK to play (issued by Australian tennis authorities) with entry to the country, and thus making his confidence on social media about travelling to Australia relate to his somehow thinking he was above entry rules.  This would, of course, primarily be a tactic to sway Australian public opinion so that it became unsympathetic to Djokovic.

Clearly along the same lines, but possibly also with an eye on a establishing a legal position that an Australian court would be expected to uphold (as Djokovic has launched legal proceedings to prevent his deportation), is the following:

On Thursday, Mr Morrison suggested Djokovic’s much heralded “exemption” may never have been watertight.

Talking to reporters, Mr Morrison revealed the champ’s evidence for a medical exemption was “insufficient”.

“Entry with a visa requires double vaccination, or a medical exemption,” he said.

“I am advised that such an exemption was not in place, and as a result he is subject to the same rule as anyone else.”

Whatever the validity of Djokovic’s visa as he presented himself at the Australian border – and one must suppose that a multi-millionaire is going to have the resources to make sure this is done correctly‡ – it is clear here that Morrison seeks to conflate entry requirements with clearance to play tennis, and as such dissembles about the fact of the latter.

Ultimately, especially as the record breaking 9-time winner of the Australian Open is now essentially being punished with detention in a grimy quarantine hotel, there is no getting over the sense one has from observing this episode of Australia being a remorseless tin-pot dictatorship – a flea-bitten banana republic where the Prime Ministerial lies are indeed El Presidente level flimsy, but exactly what is needed to propagandise to a degenerate population and have it take things upon itself to guard the political doctrine of its own enslavement.

The remaining test for how low and lost the country has become is the one that will come if Djokovic wins his legal action, and gets to play in the tennis competition. Will there be cheers as there was for Owens from the Germans even under Nazi government, or will there be rejection, resentment and vilification as directly inspired by the despicable and rabid fanatics who govern Australia?


† If the reader would follow the link to the article, Surveying The Triangulation Of UK Government’s Covid-19 Tyranny, Nazism, And The Collective Of “Equals”, there is a further link to be found which, by following, the reader can find the Hour of the Time radio programmes which demonstrates that the theology and philosophy of Nazism is indeed that of the Freemasons who are building the Anglo-globalist New World Order.

‡ Update, 7th January, 2022:

The following is from a 6th January Mirror article, and reports a corporate-media interview of British former tennis player, Andrew Castle, who points out detail to suggest that Djokovic’s cancelled visa was an ad hoc political decision in spite of the soundness of Djokovic’s credentials:

Appearing on Channel 5’s The Jeremy Vine show on Thursday, Andrew – a former UK number one tennis player – criticised the sudden change in Novak’s fortunes.

He said: “Remember! Two independent panels – and this has all been okayed by Tennis Australia and by the State and Federal Government – to separate medical panels were convened to look at the paperwork and the application for an exemption for this Covid-19 vaccination for Novak Djokovic.

“That was submitted in an anonymous way, so there was no special treatment for him. It was one of 26 applications for this medical exemption into the vaccination and suddenly after getting on the plane in Dubai to go down to Melbourne it was alright, the visa was fine, he can come to the country.

“By the time he gets down to Melbourne, that is no longer valid. What has happened in those 14 hours between him boarding the flight and him getting to Australia? Public outrage!”

Show host Jeremy, 56, argued on behalf of outraged Australians to suggest the Australian government were right to deny the sportsman’s visa last minute – but Andrew argued there was too much mystery surrounding the decision for Novak being deported.

Andrew said: “Why set up these two independent medical review panels and jumping through hoops to submit the documentation that will either allow you in or not with that exemption, if you are then not going to abide by it. The politicians are going to set the rules then follow them”.

In the video embedded in the Mirror story, there is a short preamble to the content of the interview reproduced here, where Castle says, “Now it will be up to, I think, the Australian Government to prove that they have the right to deport him or revoke his visa”.

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