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The NHS: The Machine Stops

When it comes to prose as part of the Cambridge A-level syllabus (for instance), the only survivor from the equivalent course that one might have encountered at the end of the ‘80s is E M Forster. In fact, E M Forster is the only survivor from the entire canon of valuable English language literature, because students are now asked to read someone called Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o – a Nigerian, to whom the likes of “Fielding, Defoe, Smollett, Jane Austen, George Eliot, Dickens, D. H. Lawrence” were “strange” (from Wikipedia, because this author had never heard of the man), and who had two works that British school children could understand published in the ‘60s before he rejected writing in the English language in Marxist, anti-colonialist protest – and someone else called Andrea Levy – a woman of Jamaican parentage who was published after 2000 (again, Wikipedia). Now, the author doesn’t have to read these two jokers to pronounce that, on the arc of trajectory of human development that incorporates the Renaissance, their work is culturally worthless. And it occurs that E M Forster survives because Howard’s End is a case of a white establishment man writing about women and their bastard (half lower-middle class) child being the kind of citizen that inherits the country. In fact, Howard’s End can be made to make the point being gone after with the inclusion in the reading list of the other characters, and that’s why it’s perhaps been staple material all the cultural-revolution long.

Anyway, the reason to introduce this piece in the particular way that it has been is so that a punch line could be got to about another work of E M Forster’s that would never have gotten on a school syllabus concocted by the Constructivists and the Piagetists (to whom you people ignorantly and deplorably palm your children off every day-prison camp day). The Machine Stops tells of humanity living wholly in a mechanical system – a machine – that provides to each according to his needs. That the story was republished (after its first outing in 1909) in 1928, and in the same year as George Bernard Shaw’s, The Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Socialism, etc, is interesting because it then becomes an extrapolation of the central controlling essence of socialism as expressed by Shaw (and as later repeated by H G Wells in his Rights of Man socialist manifesto):

I also made it quite clear that socialism means equality of income or nothing, and under Socialism you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught and employed whether you like it or not, whether you are useful or not. Even if it were discovered you had not the character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live you would have to live well.

Additionally, when one reads the abovementioned work by Wells, and notices mention of “reasonably limited garden enclosure(s)” attached to a living quarters, one can discern envisioned in it the exact same technocracy that continues to be plotted and developed, as per the other week just gone in Glasgow (Cop26) when the Anglo-globalists and their satellite powers met under the completely pretend banner of saving the earth. However, The Machine Stops is the ultimate expression of the limitations in living space that will be required by the Anglo-globalist one world government, with people inhabiting self-contained cells under the ground and rarely having to move from them, while the surface of the earth is vacated by people (H G Wells’ perennial vision of the future – when he abandons his pretence that humans should even have private gardens).

Of course, as the title indicates, The Machine Stops is about the inevitable failure of the Machine, or the socialist system, and when nothing comes to the beckoner when it is called for, and the transmitting and receiving communications fail so that people become isolated, and when even the environmental controls in their cells stop working. As this point, people become acutely aware of the incredibly hostile environment that they have been duped into inhabiting, but there is no one to blame and no one who can be held responsible for fixing things (because they can’t be fixed), and in any case, when fear and necessity drives people madly into the connecting tunnels where they encounter others, there is a particularly horrific kind of mass death by panic.

However, this is not the end of the world. On the surface, in fact, which is forbidden to Machine residents (because surface living would offer the ability to garner capital to oneself), there still exists the free capitalists who, we might assume, are people expelled from the Machine for petty rule breaking, it seems, who were able to develop hardiness enough to survive the unrefined, ruder air that swirls over the face of the planet. It must be understood that humanity is not suited to the Machine at birth, and appears to have to be conditioned so that it is. We know that it is by conditioning that people are feeble in limb (from sedentary lives) and acclimatised to a manufactured air so that they cannot tolerate the course air of the upper world, and not evolution because the Machine, we are told, regularly disposes of children who are too athletic: “Each infant was examined at birth, and all who promised undue strength were destroyed.” This suggests a constant resurfacing of an innate human quality whereby a person is born fit for a challenging environment. That man is not to be denied being the optimum animal life form unless he is medically transmuted is one in the eye of the Victorian evolutionists and their followers [indeed, in Brave New World, that suitability to the system has to be genetically engineered into an Alpha in order to turn that individual into an example of the lower castes is a clear admission (by a Huxley, no less) against the creed].

Anyway, we know that the residents of the Machine are conditioned into their dependency because Kuno, the character whom might be considered the hero, manages to make his way to the surface. He does this illegally, because the permit that is issued by the Committee of the Machine (a ruling council, or more likely the brain of the Machine) sometimes to so-called Lecturers (who present TV programmes, but one might think of them like YouTube† personalities) has not been given to him. Furthermore, he reaches the surface by clambering through service ducts, and to do this, he has had to prepare with exercise involving walking outside of his cell in communication tunnels.

Kuno comes to the surface at a point of an opening of a ventilation conduit, but when he loses his respirator in a sudden outrush of air, he cannot explore beyond a grassy basin that surrounds the shaft from which he affected his escape. He is retrieved by the Machine’s repair mechanism – described as a pack of worms. When he is first grabbed and dragged back towards the boundary of the Machine, he instinctively cries out for help, and this appears to attract the attention of a surface dweller who is killed by the Machine using one of its maintenance appendages.

With this, the extent of the crime of those who built the Machine, and now the thing itself, becomes clear. The belief held by the prisoners in the Machine that human beings cannot live on the surface is a lie that they have been told in order, ultimately, to have them acquiesce to the system they find themselves born to. Furthermore, they are weakened so that each individual in the collective had their own proof of the untrue cover story in the form of their feebleness. Moreover, examples of proof to the contrary are destroyed when and if the Machine comes across them.

Rather like the film, Equals (where people also live in cells which also produce one piece of furniture at a time, when needed), The Machine Stops tells of how the socialist technocracy requires a core medical tyranny. Of course, comparison has already been made at this site between the one portrayed in Equals and that of Anglo-globalist socialism (let us call it “Globosoc”). In discussion of the institution in comparison with The Machine Stops, it can be said that, in Britain it is the NHS that provides the service of making people less than human beings, and weakening them to fit the Machine. To put it another way, while the British socialist/technocratic state has not yet totally turned entirely into a Machine from which, for one to escape, one has to imagine what appears to be unfeasible in order to reject the conditioning, it has certainly set up the required core component.

Indeed, in the last year, and with the “Covid-19 vaccination” programme, there has been an unprecedented effort to seed weakness, and the determination of UK Government – with all the blackmailing threats (with “lockdown” as punishment) and cajolement (through psychological pressure) it has made to the public so that the amount of take-up could be as great as possible – could be perceived as a movement into the sort of rigour that would be required for Machine-like systemisation: we are living in the moment when final engineering of humanity begins (if the means to do it actually survives the crisis that it is currently experiencing, as about to be discussed).

And we can suppose with a good deal of certainty that the “Covid-19 vaccination” programme is dished up using a false pretext because SARS, which is the real name of Covid-19, is not a condition that requires there to be mass vaccination (indeed, it appears to have been caused by weakness-seeding pharmaceutical drugs that have been already distributed to would-be captives of the Machine), plus the medical intervention does not do anything except cause damage to a body’s nervous system‡.

Thus with the comparisons firmly established, like Kuno, well ahead of the time when it stopped fetching and carrying for its inhabitants, we can notice that the Machine stops.

Take for instance anecdotal evidence that the author gleaned from a particular and so-called “lockdown sceptics” forum on the internet, where a contributor heaped praise on an NHS accident and emergency department because it dispensed a pharmaceutical “remedy” for an ailment which could not be got from a general practitioner on account of not being able to get an appointment to see one. Here is someone living in and enthralled and beguiled by the Machine (even as it fails), and to an extent deeper than Forster’s characters, whose dependency is portrayed as literal voluntary prisoner in a cell. At least in the short story, Kuno’s mother Vashti made an official complaint when the music she dialled up to have played in her cell was distorted (the first sign that she – and the reader of the tale with her – experienced of the coming complete failure). In fact, the author has noticed that for the British “lockdown sceptic”, there isn’t a UK Government controlled (corporate or alternative) media personality or organisation that won’t be embraced, or at least have excuses made for them, there isn’t a retail outlet that inflicts humiliating prisoner treatment in the name of the fake pandemic that won’t be visited, there isn’t a futile petition or consultation process or poll (for encouraging a false sense of empowerment and providing a garden path to go along) that won’t be taken part in, there isn’t a school that dispenses vaccine injury in the name of “Covid-19” that won’t have children sent to it regardless.

So, returning to the main point, and understanding that there’s no telling people, “lockdown sceptics” or otherwise, that they are in the Machine, let it be shown in example that members of the author’s household have had no cause to see an NHS doctor for many years. The final break came after a sacrifice hungry priestess, in a hurry to dispense illness-seeding pharmaceuticals, and trying to scare her target into taking them, told a dramatic lie about organs imminently about to fail. After that, with a new outlook adopted, where there is an effort to eat to prevent illness (and to regenerate), the upshot is that no one in this household needs to concern itself if GPs are unavailable to dispense illness-seeding poison because the Machine stops.

Likewise, if the degeneration of the Machine accelerates because 73,000 NHS personnel – as is now being reported – won’t submit to being “vaccinated” in compliance with the UK Government’s order that the procedure be mandatory for frontline NHS staff, then this is of no concern to one who has broken with the conditioning, and made oneself fit to survive outside of the Machine.

But let us look at this development to see that the signs are being read aright. UK Government says that one tenth of a million frontline NHS staff are not fully “vaccinated”, and that this must be remedied by April, or else those who still haven’t acquiesced at that time will be dismissed from their jobs.

The Times says that what this means is that 73,000 will be driven from their posts, so that organisation being what it is, we can be sure it has the inside means to know, even if it is knowingly touting a too-low figure, as we shall see. Now, the same deadline for care workers, of whom The Times thought 38,000 would be lost, has already passed (more about this in a moment) and it seems that NHS workers weren’t faced with a similarly imminent situation because UK Government was self-admittedly concerned that the NHS would fail through the winter. However, the problem is bigger than all that, and part of the delay in sacking NHS staff must be due to the prospect of a Machine-stops scale of catastrophe irrespective of any flu-season or not. This is not to be surprised at – after all, by any metric one would care to employ, the NHS is always failing.

On 11th November, the Daily Mail was reporting that 57,000 care workers had been sacked overnight – a much bigger number envisioned by The Times. It hints at more the NHS losing more than 100,000 members of staff.

And the million dollar question with regards this is, who exactly is going to be sacked? We can get a sense of the problem for UK Government by looking at the dismay expressed by care home managers – as reported in an inews article – about not being able to replace staff sacked on the basis of being “unvaccinated”. There are obvious problems, as summarised in the following extract:

Mr Russell, whose company has two homes in Milton Keynes and one in Peterborough, said it would take six months before newcomers would gain the appropriate level of competence, experience and knowledge of residents. He has lost 30 staff members out of nearly 600.

When it comes to front line NHS workers, of course, there’s also the matter of losing people proficient at a technical skill which requires a good many years of training and experience. Even if one argues that the NHS is all too eager to butcher people under the knife, it doesn’t make all surgery bad (in fact, mending externally caused bodily damage is what orthodox medicine is good for). Because there is no alternative but to imagine ongoing crisis for the NHS stemming from the mandatory jabbing order, it is interesting to read the following from the abovementioned article:

Adam Purnell, director of social care at the Institute of Health and Social Care Management, criticised the Government’s decision to set different vaccine mandate dates for care home staff and NHS workers, who have until April to get jabbed.

“It’s difficult not to see the care home sector as being used as a pilot for the implementation of the mandate to the NHS and this has only furthered the decrease in morale of the sector, with many continuing to feel like the underdogs and forgotten sector in comparison to the NHS,” he said.

The author doubts very much that a bad experience will make UK Government think again if the care sector is being used as a guinea pig to forecast what will happen to the NHS, and there is a bad experience had in the experiment. UK Government won’t put nearly 60,000 people out of work and then admit that it made a mistake, because UK Government is bloody minded. That bloody mindedness means that it won’t see the prospect of the Machine stopping, so it won’t be a question of a hidden agenda (as the Lefterati has it) to do away with the NHS that is motivating the Tory Party. For UK Government, irrespective of the colour of the executive branch, the NHS is the core of the Machine. So, to alter that which was written above a little, we can imagine ourselves to be living at the time of the birth of the yet more fully complete Machine, and UK Government is in the process of slapping air into its lungs. However, the creature looks as if it could be dead on delivery – not to be surprised at, as the Machine is destined to stop, no matter how old it gets.


†People say of The Machine Stops that it predicts the internet, but it does not. Interpersonal communication is by way of a kind of video-telephone, and people who are Lecturers appear to be certified as such, and a lecture appears to involve a video-telephone transmission broadcast to many recipients. Related to this is that the dissemination of information is unlikely to involve material harmful to the Machine. While it is only very small corners of the internet where information is not centrally controlled – and as such, in terms of content, the internet would resemble the Machine mass communication capability – these corners yet do exist, thus another reason for a distinction to be made.

‡ In the MHRA Yellow Card report that covered 9th December, 2020, to 24th January, 2021, there were two adverse reactions that were acknowledged, and these were anaphylaxis or anaphylactoid reactions, and Bell’s palsy. In the report covering 9th December, 2020, to 20th October, 2021 the MHRA finds it must discuss the following adverse reactions: anaphylaxis or anaphylactoid reactions, Bell’s palsy, Capillary Leak Syndrome (CLS), cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST), endocarditis, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Miller-Fisher Syndrome, miscarriage, myocarditis, pericarditis, stillbirth, and thrombocytopenia.

Please see MHRA Yellow Card Data To 28th February: Clues For Case That Vaccines Damage The Nervous System (link)


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