Published On: Sun, Dec 26th, 2021

The “omicron” con, and deducing that the “third wave” is “vaccine” injury

It can be safely said about “Covid-19” that if it has supposed to have come in three waves, then these have not been seasonal. Indeed, they have been very irregular indeed.

Consider below, reader, two diagrams. Both are from the latest ICNARC report on admissions to ICUs of patients with “Covid-19”. The first shows what should be expected of a seasonal illness, flu, by recording cases of pneumonia by flu admitted to ICUs. Note that the pattern ends in 2020 when flu starts to be called “Covid-19”: this phenomenon is a crucial piece of evidence.

On the contrary, as the second diagram shows, “Covid-19” is irregular and independent of the season. Indeed, the appearance of seasonality in 2020 is accomplished by the reattribution of illnesses of the like of flu to “Covid-19”. And thus we come to the subject of the pandemic in three waves being entirely a thing of appearance rather than a material thing.


This is a thing, of course, that has been known for some considerable time. In November 2020, this site was able to explain the two “waves” thus far in the following way:

UK Government engineered a situation so that it could get away with that arm crucial for its medical tyranny, the NHS, letting many elderly sick people die so that there would be an appearance of a great deal of death all at once, to be blamed on a virulent disease.

The second phase of the hoax doesn’t need any thing like so much coverage. It is simply executed. It relies on supposed infection numbers, which the author has no reason to not understand are entirely invented, and also, so it would appear, the conflation of seasonal illness with Covid-19 in terms of counting hospital admissions.

As for the so-called “third wave” of “Covid-19”, because “omicron” was introduced in the midst of it, but because there is no change in its behaviour after the ascendency of the new “variant”, then it would suggest the common thread of “vaccination” is the consistent explanation for it, and that “omicron” is naught but a cover story (and enabler) for it. In other words, the “third wave” is “vaccine” damage.

A Guardian article of July 2021 made an effort of explaining what itself referred to as the “paradox at the heart of Sars-Cov-2 transmission”. There are four elements involved in transmission, it said, one of which is of course seasonality. The other three are immunity, social behaviour, and viral evolution. The second of these can be discounted immediately because of how the lockdown in the summer of 2020 was minimal, and it was also clear of any wave of so-called pandemic. As for immunity, the Guardian article proposed that in the UK, for the so-called “delta” variant of so-called SARS-COV-2, 85% of the population was immune in July 2020. Of course, the writer of the article deployed the cosmic shift in germ theory that Covid-19 has ushered in whereby immunity is dependent on “vaccination”, and that immunity for an un-mutated virus can disappear. While the former idea is a stick to motivate “vaccine” take-up, the second is a rationale for why there can be a new wave of “delta” Covid-19, when there really shouldn’t be one. In the end, in order not to stretch credibility too far, a new “variant” evidently had to be introduced in order to extend a third wave across a period in which there had to be a demand for booster “vaccinations”. But arguably, the “viral evolution” element for sustained high levels transmission is the only one that should explain a third wave appearing in the middle of summer, if there was 85% herd-immunity against “delta” claimed in July. “Omicron”, of course, came late to the party.

In actual fact, the “third wave” has exposed what is being called infection with “Covid-19” as being something completely uncoupled from having the illness, and indeed dying from it. Hopefully, this is immediately clear to the reader on consultation of three graphs produced in December by the Daily Mail. What one is probably seeing in that plateau of yellow in the first graph (which is horribly out of proportion with the corresponding red and green plateaus) is the result of the hysteria that was created by UK Government when it was seen to threaten a “normal” Christmas in 2021. After seeing a huge increase in mask wearing in the open air during December, the author posits that a good deal of the general public were worried about catching “Covid-19” in time to spoil their festivities, and the obsessive testing (and meaningless results), that we can therefore suppose has been going on as a consequence, would have been about checking on “purity”. Another explanation, of course, is that UK Government invented huge infection numbers to motivate booster take-up.


Either way, it can be said with certainty that infection is a narrative device that presents the illusion of a good deal of illness. And with this red herring discarded, we can now look at the undersized, in terms of proportion, amount of “third wave” death with “Covid-19” in relation to illness (as represented by hospitalisation). Something changed in 2021 so that an illness with “Covid-19” didn’t so often result in an outcome of death.

Now, officially, this would be put down to an increasing number of hosts who have had resilience imbued upon them by being recipient of a course of “vaccine” – or, a reduced ability in the “omicron” development to cause death. However, as discussed in the FBEL article to which this is a sequel, it begins to appear that “omicron” is not capable of causing illness and death like SARS should, and as such looks to be other seasonal illness reattributed to “Covid-19” (in the already established pattern). Moreover, it is highly improbable that a “Covid-19 vaccine” has any impact on a case of SARS if mitigation comes, as is said it does, by the killing of a SARS-COV in the upper respiratory tract (for the reason that SARS – or Covid-19 as it is now being called – appear to stem from SARS-COV already or directly delivered to the lung).

As well as any of that, the prime suspect for the unlinking of proportionality between illness and death is “vaccine” injury. Picture this: two consecutive years in which there is an industrial effort to do away with the most elderly and frail with it. This has an effect of leaving less scope in the population for succumbing to seasonal illness in the winter of 21/22 – but people are still coming to hospital with “vaccine” injury, which is being called “Covid-19”. The thing about “vaccine” injury, however, is that it is more uniform in its rates: while 90% of a population might not all encounter a set of conditions that might bring on flu, for instance, the same percentage are certain to be vaccinated. Moreover, if a certain percentage can statistically be expected to have an adverse reaction, then it follows that the not so random occurrence of death by “vaccine” damage in a population is something that would be exactly the sort of thing that could produce a steady line (more or less) in a graph. Indeed, the steady line of the “third wave” plateau  starts when seasonality should not even be a consideration. In the summer of 2021, people were going to hospital with “vaccine” injury, and against all reason, it was being called “Covid-19” – and so it continued into winter, and coming to the end of the year, the capability to do it all through the same season was rejuvenated with the invention of the “omicron” variant (which had a duel purpose of generating booster take-up).

It’s probably fair to say that the “omicron” con represents a movement of the whole Coronahoax operation into territory where it risks falling through some very unsubstantial ground beneath its feet.  2022 is going to be very interesting indeed. The incentive to get “boostered” for Christmas has now passed, and the momentum was going out of the programme before the 25th in any case. This is probably why UK Government is making noises about its agents going door to door peddling “vaccines” – the utter desperation of it! What abject rubbish nonsense is to be expected next? How much more rubbing its nose in the bull crap will the moronic masses put up with?

Well, in fact, the thing about a Ceausescu moment is that it isn’t seen coming, but this notwithstanding, the sense that UK Government has not achieved what it needs to, with time running out, so that it can only make its position worse in its extreme anxiety, is one so palpable that people who wish UK Government ill in its endeavours should be feeling a good deal of schadenfreude, along with a sense in the winter air of the inevitable defeat of its purpose.

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  1. Ken Michael says:

    Final para brings to mind Napoleon’s axiom: “Never interfere with your enemy when he is making a mistake.”