Published On: Wed, Jun 6th, 2018

The bleeding obvious gets more obvious: arson attack linked to “Tommy Robinson”

Three previous FBEL articles have sifted through the media mire to attempt to find the Establishment motivation for the “Tommy Robinson” arrest psyop (here, here and here) – and yet something very important was missed. When there is a great circus that at its core is dealing with the thorny subject of immigration, and which relies on emotional reaction to preconditioning, then no-one is allowed to talk about the incentivising topic in any meaningful way. Shouting “racist” has always been about closing down discussion of something that is extremely harmful to common prosperity. It goes further than that: we’ve all seen the Biblical epics starring Charlton Heston; when the slave complains, he gets punished. So much for a fully implemented Babylonian system, but when a country of men is only somewhere along a path on the way to slavery, the driver’s whip cannot be so readily unleashed; and complaining about dire prospects becomes a brake on the otherwise unrelenting progress. So, subtle methods are needed to prevent expression of thought that can fatally critique the system; for instance, the inculcation of a population with modes of thought, presented to them by State-controlled media under the guise of entertainment and news, to induce self-censorship. It worked until recently. Now the Government finds that it is not enough, and a political perspective must be linked with hatred, and hatred framed as a cause of physical violence.

Look down the rail track, and see it coming: Exhibit A; Socialist Worker article, dated Tuesday 5th June: Arson attacks on mosque and gurdwara in Leeds after Tommy Robinson supporters march. Notice, not only a mosque, but a Sikh gurdwara was the target of an arson attack. It was connected, naturally, to the “Tommy Robinson” incident – the intended message being that the issue isn’t about Islam, as “Robinson’s” supporters and peers claim, it’s about skin colour.

It’s almost certain that these fires – which were minor if the image in the article is an indicator – were a false flag. Just look at the injunction issued to the readership directly from within the article:

The arson attacks are another powerful reason to join the anti-racist demonstrations in London, Newcastle and York on Saturday when Robinson’s supporters take to the streets again.

The 9th June will see pro-“Robinson” rallies in several places, apparently. Well, there can’t be tension if the “far-right” isn’t opposed on the ground for the news cameras, can there? And obviously “the left” hadn’t been sufficiently motivated to get out and do it yet.

But we will get to the point that was first intended:

Various fascists have organised protests to defend his [“Robinson’s”] “free speech”.

But as Gohar [a councillor, Beeston and Holbeck], said, allowing Nazis free speech is dangerous. “The only thing that shouldn’t be tolerated is intolerance,” he told Socialist Worker.

“Spreading hate speech, Islamophobia, antisemitism and homophobia should not be tolerated.” He added that the Nazi march last Friday will have “absolutely” given racists more confidence.

It’s not just not liking brown people that makes you a fascist, or a Nazi – evidently, if you are against the New World Order, you are one too. How did we mine this nugget from Gohar’s statement? Antisemitism: the hate crime of objecting to the Globalist effort via the crimes committed by the Israeli State. Homophobia: the hate crime of objecting to the Globalist effort via the destruction of the family, and population control. Don’t rush to blame Gohar as a Labour councillor, or a Muslim (we don’t know that he is), or anything else; if we could enquire into it, we would probably find that he was a Freemason. And while we’re supposing real identities of the operatives working this inducement to take to the street: the Socialist Worker should be called the “Socialised Worker”, because it’s not supposed to represent the voice of an actual worker – it is the voice of those who would exploit human beings as workers. Neither is it called the Capitalist Worker, which would actually describe someone who could write a newspaper from their own perspective – someone who worked for themselves, owned their own capital. No, the Socialised Worker doesn’t want that. It wants people as capital; people who think in terms of a collective, so that identity politics moves them, so that they can be agitated to further implement an anti-human agenda.

Slavery. That’s the goal. And once a good deal of people are arbitrarily labelled “fascists”, then a particular spanner in the works can be plucked out to let the machinery roll without impediment: free speech can be denied.  Yes, it is quite true, free speech is under attack, but the likes of “Tommy Robinson” are not here to rescue it – as he and his fellow Alt-Right agitators would have you believe. “Robinson” is an example by which people will be conditioned to expect certain treatment by the State – dished out at first ever so tentatively and reluctantly when “Robinson” would push his luck, but sure to be lavished with increasing certainty as crowds are triggered, by many and various means, to violence.

The only way to escape the cycle is to look at all the provocation, and declare that it isn’t real; decide that it’s not going to deflect you from your purpose – which is to defend yourself, your family, your property, and your prospects from a Government that wants to enslave. You certainly do not walk into a situation, inspired by the provocation, whereby you surrender your rights. Anyone who would do what the Government wants – regardless of what side of the false political spectrum they are agitated from – and go to the streets to protest, should have a good long think…

If “Tommy Robinson” is in jail, then that means that a fictional character is behind bars – or, more accurately, there is a name on a piece of paper recording prison population. But what of Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, the man who acts the part? Is he in jail? Are you sure? Tommy Robinson (without quotation marks), the man that people are calling to be released, certainly isn’t in jail, because he doesn’t exist. He doesn’t need freeing.

Yes, it is true, we all read reports of “Tommy Robinson” being hauled before a judge, and being handed a sentence for contempt of court; but please note, “Tommy Robinson” didn’t deny the charge; he didn’t protest the grounds for his arrest – breach of the peace. It appears that “Tommy Robinson” couldn’t see that there was a case for his being freed, because, according to him, it was a fair cop.

Anyone planning on turning out for a demo or a march – whatever side of the barricades they have been provoked to populate – should ask themselves a few questions before they do. Does Tommy Robinson need freeing? Does “Tommy Robinson” want freeing?

Finally, a word must be had. The reader will have seen, no doubt, many items on the internet whereby the proof of the “Tommy Robinson” arrest psyop boils down to his being a Zionist. Case closed. The implication, where it is not overtly stated, is that Israel controls “Tommy Robinson”. In contrast, “Tommy Robinson” is never accused of being an asset of Masonry. Even if he was a member of a secret society himself – which he doesn’t have to be in his role as Government tool – the author very much doubts that “Robinson” would admit to it in the same way as he did to being a Zionist. You see, you only get to see the target they want you to aim at.

Now, just for a moment consider the likes of the Freemasons, or the Rosicrucians, various Orders of Knights – real organisations with real card-carrying members; in fact, real networks of people, with ideas, as stated in the literature that the Grand Wizard types produce themselves, that are an antithesis to individual liberty (it basically all boils down to technocracy). At the bottom of the scale, where loving charitable brotherhood appears to be the name of the game, the more sinister aspects of membership aren’t always apparent. As the hierarchy extends upwards, in the councils of the wise, the adepts and the magi, there will be greater fields of influence, vaster pools of wealth, with which to affect the course of human development. Somewhere amongst the nests perched up on the taller boughs we would no doubt find the leadership of the intelligence agencies of various countries, the Bilderberg group, the Council for Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs. Again, Sionism – the construction   of the Temple as a symbol for the completion of the Great Work (the World State) – is an aspect of British Israelism, and of the related American Christian Identity – which we can also gather under the term “Masonry”. Anyone who knows Blake knows that “Jerusalem” is in England. The ultimate aim is the New World Order, not Greater Israel. So, rather than fantasise about millions of tentacles out of the tiny country of Israel (does it even have the manpower?), we can, if we wanted to, go down to a lodge in our own town and see the useful idiots who facilitate favours here, and turn a blind eye there, all at their particular level within certain bounds of influence: the council, say, or the local police, or local big industry. The corruption in local government is the real evidence available to those who hunt to identify who would rule the world – but for heaven’s sake, don’t look at that. Just blame it all on Israel instead.

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