Published On: Mon, Oct 1st, 2018

Visitor numbers, subscriber content update, thank-yous, other stuff

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This may or may not be of interest to you. The chart below shows FBEL audience numbers from April 2016 to September 2018. The site has been online for slightly longer than that, but for some reason large chunks of data weren’t registered prior to the specified range (there wasn’t much to show in any case). The line that describes the red area is the number of engagements with the site per month (as far as I can tell) from visitors that are neither robots or humans who bounce straight out more or less on arrival. Visitor numbers would be vastly inflated if those figures were included. The blue line describing the blue area are visits of a duration of 30 minutes and more, included to give an indication of depth of engagement. Click to enlarge.

Obviously, FBEL’s audience was and is still very small – which doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been noticed. But no hidden controlling hands allowed at FBEL – which is why there are no automatic TV studios, on-location investigations, books published  – not even ten-year long contracts with hosting providers. The tiny growth is due to yours truly, and a few of you, leaving links across the internet. Thanks especially goes to those posting FBEL articles on Facebook – I cannot see the full address of the page when a link comes into the site, so I don’t know who is posting them. Feel free to drop a line to say hello.

As for future growth in the context of the almost completely gate-kept alternative media audience, and then in the context of a wider corporate-media consumership which relies on deep-seated paradigms fed to it by Government, it promises to be a huge challenge. Growth is crucial because at FBEL there is an emphasis on creating one’s own solutions; acting in one’s liberty to maintain it. This isn’t a forum for whining, where a new article is required because the slightly older comments thread got a bit lengthy and stale. It isn’t sales material by ideologically double-thinking [hypocritical] socialists for the purpose of having people buy merchandise: FBEL is a capitalist endeavour (as an exercise, try to identify which big British alternative media will admit to the same) for the purpose of creating an understanding of proper capitalism as a solution (as previously explained); people can either invest and become active in that environment, or they can consume marketing that has them chasing their own tail until they are ripe for slavery. It shouldn’t be as tough a decision as it appears to be.

As such, and routinely, the FBEL audience is asked to make a donation; for a very modest sum access is granted to the material on Incidentally, for the handful of folk already subscribed (thank you for that) part six of the Mystery School Christianity series has been newly available for a little while – this is the first time I’ve had a chance to announce it (you probably already noticed).

P W Laurie

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