Published On: Fri, Jan 4th, 2019

The importance of freedom from the bonds of Horusfest and Janus-related festivity

And so Horusfest, which is the name coined at FBEL for the mid-winter festivities honouring and worshipping the returning Sun after the December solstice (the reader will know it as Christmas), runs into the New Year. And it appears as if the “out with the old year” celebrations, in which the vast majority of people in the UK will have indulged, are manifestly related to the termination of the Horusfest period, with the first day of the year being connected with the winter solstice through Roman calibrations of the calendar – although a particularly roistering last day of “a twelve days of Christmas” is probably more ancient than that. January is named after Janus, a two-faced god who saw the past approaching and the future leaving. Death and renewal is the ancient idea being expressed here: the same idea whereby the sun is born and dies every day, and is bundled under the earth from one horizon to the other by Osiris.

There appears to be no astronomical factor which creates a need to place the first day of the year on January 1st (the day of the spring equinox would be more appropriately symbolic, and perhaps even of some usefulness). So the human calendar is skewed to accommodate sun worship, and is dislocated from the mechanics of the sun-earth system which does have a very real effect on human endeavour. The dislocation is not to be wondered at, because the calendar is a device to give the false impression of a universe that is perfectly ordered. The calendar as it is, then, is another tool out of antiquity for the tyranny of the potentate, and the rule of the “wise” over the masses.

What New Years Eve revellers will not understand, as they wait for the last second of 31st December to pass, and the first second of 1st January to arrive, is that the sun-earth system is not exactly the same as it was at exactly the same time a year before. There has been no perfectly executed cycle whereby the new year will superimpose over the old, with another portion of life according to the pattern stamped out of the cosmic material every midnight on the last day of December. The psychological reassurance of that notion is of course quite intentional. The intention is to promote the delusion of destiny, and being bound to it.

In reality, when the Earth returns to the same place it occupied in orbit a year before, its axis has moved slightly; the Earth, as the reader will surely know, is a leaning spinning top so that not only does it rotate around its axis, but the line of axis moves around a circle. Unlike a spinning top, which has the bottom of its axis fixed, the Earth isn’t displaced in space, but its relationship with the Sun is changed. If, at the start of a year, the axis is tilted so that the North Pole is closest it can be to the Sun, and therefore the axis points along the line of the shortest distance between the surface of the Earth and its solar counterpart, then a year later, at the same location in the orbit, the axis will point in front of that line. The North Pole will have been closest to the Sun at a slightly earlier time.

January 1st never brings in the beginning of a new cycle. In fact, the earth-sun system only ever returns to how it was every 25,772 years. For human beings, this time period is meaningless. In fact – and it doesn’t matter what one believes for an explanation of human creation and development – because humans have never consciously experienced more than 4 to 5 twelfths of this cycle, and may not, given the tendency to stupidity and cowardice, consciously experience the end of a half of it, axial precession should not so much be thought of as a cyclic phenomenon, but as a lifespan with a beginning and an end. Every day, therefore, along that progression of a single lifespan, should be considered as uniquely different from any other before it or to come. There is no role for Janus, because the new never replaces the old. There is no need for the New Years’ Eve ritual that represents his function of ensuring a gateway. There is no cycle of dying and renewing – no psychology of a day replacing the previous one killed by night, or a new year replacing the old. There is no “as above, so below”.

The reader who is not familiar with the wider work at this site may well wonder about the meaning of the term introduced at the end of the previous paragraph. Some required background reading is The science of the age versus technocratic “magic”; there can only be one outcome (link), and In which we notice Plato referring to the link between freemasonry and government (link). To briefly introduce the key concepts here: the material world in which we live is, according to an ancient explanation, not the most significant. Everything in it is a representation of an ideal that exists on a “spiritual” plane. Crucially, the Sun represents something called “the good” (or the Cosmic Mind [not God, who is outside of creation]), so that “in the physical realm, your eyes can see objects because of the light from the Sun. But in the realm of ideas [illuminated by ‘the good’], your mind’s eye sees knowledge”. To receive light, therefore, is to receive the Masonic Gnosis – to know godhood, and to be justified as one who can rule. Likewise, when a man is in communion with the Cosmic Mind, one has broken from destiny or, in other words, has become free from the influence of the planets in their fate-orchestrating routine movement through the zodiac, and therefore the cosmic order. It is the right of such a god-man, by dint of his nature, to be an overseer and driver and organiser of the political order on Earth so that it mirrors and guarantees the perfect order of the Cosmos, or as something to the same effect had it in the abovementioned previous FBEL article, “the circling of the heavens is process which is connected with order in the skies that translates on earth into a right – as perceived by the elite – to rule”. This is “as above, so below”.

But as concluded above, there is no divine right to rule, because there is no perfect order in the Cosmos. While the Hermetica waxes lyrical about the order-maintaining “Circle of Time” and “the circling process of change [life-renewal], measured by the heavenly bodies returning to their former positions as they revolve around the heavens”, the inconvenient truth is that planets orbit the Sun elliptically, not by drawing out perfect circles. Moreover, the Earth does not return to an appointed stance after a full turn around the Sun. The affairs of men are entirely isolated from the Universe; that a day must be inserted into the calendar every fourth cycle or else the seasons will progress through the months is a sure sign that God never did intend that men should tolerate a tyrant or a technocrat, nor the power grab by which he became one. And yet, several thousands of years after the tyranny was first established who can ever persuade a Christian to reject the control mechanism that is “Christmas” if Yeshua himself cannot do it? And what credit do we give a proponent for truth and liberty, of any religion or none, who refuses to give up the rituals by which he is enmeshed in the very fabric of Babylon?

There is room for calendrical reform which more naturally captures man’s experience on in the Earth-Sun system, and more broadly, the same also involving the Moon. There is room for a system of time measurement that would provide an escape from ancient psychological modes of social control. Indeed, there are in existence a raft of alternative calendars (to the Gregorian), but the whole matter of who is proposing what (and objecting to it) is intensely fascinating when one understands what the design of an annual period has been for (let’s not forget that there are seven days, one for each planet (and god), and twelve months, one for each house of the zodiac). Come to think of it, the infestation of tools for antique technocracy into modern thought-landscapes is so rife through the calendar, that perhaps a radical change is needed at some point. At the moment anyone who wants to declare independence from the control grid might see a need to cease using the Horusfest/Janus holiday for the purposes (originally established and emergent) that are so useful† to the historically ubiquitous ruing class (there is nothing to be done about the holiday existing for now). No more concern for creating a bogus sense of well-being through an enormous wastage of wealth and energy; no more being distracted and misdirected by activity whereby a merely temporary and illusory contentment is achieved. No more fantasy. No more slavery.


† This is why British monarchs make Christmas Day announcements. (That the Queen is surrounded by gold [representing the Sun] when doing this is not a statement of wealth, but one of power. The author didn’t take any notice of the stink made about the 2018 Queen’s Christmas Day broadcast, but assumes that at the root of it was a challenge about money, and not about a right to rule).

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