Published On: Tue, Sep 8th, 2020

NY911Attack: William Cooper’s 10 hour broadcast

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The attack on the 11th September, 2001 (or 9/11/01), is the key to understanding the past, the present and the future, for anyone who can learn how. William Cooper broadcast a ten hour radio show on the day covering the immediate aftermath. Although others claim to be the first to have seen a controlled demolition and to have called it on day one, the credit all belongs to Cooper.

For interest, as well as the broadcast of the title, published below are the Hour of the Time shows that were aired in the remainder of that fateful month.

Note, these shows can be downloaded as mp3 files from the HOTT archive, here.

11th September 2001: New York 911 Attack#1

New York 911 Attack#2

New York 911 Attack#3

New York 911 Attack#4

New York 911 Attack#5

New York 911 Attack#6

New York 911 Attack#7

New York 911 Attack#8

New York 911 Attack#9

New York 911 Attack#10

12th September 2001: OKC April 19, 1995

13th September 2001: Atomic Bomb Next

17th September 2001: Good Phone Calls

18th September 2001: Bush and Bin Laden

20th September 2001: President Speech

24th September 2001: Rumours and Lies Abound

26th September 2001: Alex Jones – Liar

27th September 2001: Groping in the Darkness

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