Published On: Thu, Aug 2nd, 2018

The “Tommy Robinson”-Alt-Right-Infowars-QAnon nexus of disinformation and deception

William Cooper used to berate his audience for accepting without question everything that came off what was known as the patriot news/fax network. He may well have coined the term “sheeple” in doing this. Of course, the disinformation and misinformation that was doing the rounds on the gossip grapevine was amplified when it was picked up by so-called patriot radio talk shows – the hosts of which were routinely exposed by Cooper for the benefit of a stubbornly idiotic listenership who were attracted to the titillation of a wild conspiracy.

These days there is QAnon – and it is exactly the same model. An anonymous producer of horoscope-style vagaries [and vaguenesses] whose credibility is asserted by insistent internet shilling operations, who themselves appear to have a weight of authority through the numbers in audience support they have suckered or had astroturfed for them.

QAnon has never been addressed directly at FBEL before, because it is an obvious trap for the thumb-suckingly stupid, and it shouldn’t take up any of our time. It has been mentioned and dismissed as “an anonymous internet message board horoscope writer” – and this was a fair assessment. Incidentally, the FBEL piece, from whence this line was extracted, is about the use of the “Tommy Robinson” arrest psyop by long-proven change agents, disinformation pedlars, and trouble-makers to stir up a street protest campaign that has, thankfully, not yet manifested. Featuring in the same piece was one of the main carriers of the QAnon project:

Alex Jones and his Infowars operation – which goes merrily from one exercise in mendacious disinformation spreading to another with no apparent lasting damage – suggesting, as has been suspected in these quarters, that funding does not come entirely from snake oil sales.

The reader might have seen a film called “Metropolis” where a mediator between a rebellious underclass and ruling upper class, Maria, is replaced by a synthetic version – a robot – that is made to look identical to her. This robot then proceeds to whip up crowds, whose faith in “Maria” had been nurtured by the real incarnation, during demented performances. The robot’s objective is to provoke the masses into making themselves criminally liable for draconian State retribution. This basically describes the relationship between Alex Jones – the demented Maria – and William Cooper (although Cooper was not a mediator looking to come to terms with an opponent – a Luciferian concept, by the way – he was a leader of the real opposition to government: “we the people”). Cooper, of course, was gunned down on his door step by police – he had to be got rid of because he had seen through the mother of all false flags, 911, from the first day, and he had clout the likes of which Jones only fakes at having.

Of course, Jones and Infowars have been huge advocates of “Tommy Robinson” – and so this should serve as clue to the numbskull Cult of “Tommy” adherent. Jones contributed in his own nefarious style to the hysteria around a prison transfer that “Robinson” had been subject to (as retold in the FBEL piece cited further back up the page) by creating a video titled: “EMERGENCY: Tommy Robinson Transferred To Muslim Prison, Facing Certain Death”.

Did “Tommy Robinson” die? No, evidently not, because Sky News had images of the person who plays “Tommy Robinson” leaving Onley Prison. Jones and Infowars’ scurrilousness is beyond the pale, and yet they survive relentlessly to send countless idiots into tail-chasing obsessions. Meanwhile, FBEL is now attracting comments that appear to suggest that if FBEL’s exposure of the provocateur cut-out “Robinson” is not revised, having newly appreciated it as being due to a bias – and so presumably nothing to do with hours of research and reams of presented evidence – then there is a risk that all of the work at FBEL will be rejected by its readership as being skewed. The author actually welcomes such comments in part because they remind that nothing is beyond scrutiny – but mostly views them as testimony to the scale and the pervasiveness of deception that most people are suffering under; it appears even a little alternative-media producer cannot cast a net too far without finding its poisonous effects.

Let’s get a few things straight.

“Tommy Robinson” was branded a Zionist interloper by the BNP’s Nick Griffin – thus he is to be suspected as being part of the MI5 infiltration of the party just mentioned – a phenomenon that is well-understood to be a real thing by people who didn’t hesitate to make their complaints about it public at the time. Who would “Robinson” be working for? He fronted the original street protest movement that came out of organised football hooliganism – which is suspected, at its root, to have been created by intelligence agencies to provide dial-a-political-heavies (muscle on demand) whenever they were needed in towns and cities where sides in disputes in the debating chambers were backed up by goons on the streets. In its EDL form, these goons were used to provide an antithesis to the growing visibility of Islam. Of course, an extreme version of the religion had been encouraged by the British Government, and it paraded around town centres with placards about “Sharia coming soon”. At the same time, the British Government committed false flag terror acts in the name of Islam to sharpen hatred of brown people by whites. This basic race war component that has been engineered by Government is rationalised by people who subscribe to it, but don’t think of themselves as racists, or won’t acknowledge their prejudice, as a War on Islam – of course, on the other side of the divide, people just see the racial hatred, and this gives cause to understand themselves as being in diametric opposition with no options for understanding the viewpoint of the enemy. Hence, two ideologically incompatible and irreconcilable sides are drawn up out of nowhere – as engineered by Government.

And of course, a war on Islam is what “Tommy Robinson” declared was occurring in real time when he turned up miraculously, a la Rebel Media, instantaneously “on the spot”, as it happened, of the so-called Westminster Bridge terror attack in 2017. This incident involved a person diving into the River Thames to give the appearance that a car had sped across the bridge on the pavement; a further indicator that the car wasn’t real was how it failed to knock down a particular piece of street furniture that was in its path of travel, and yet was caught standing untouched in footage taken moments after the supposed attack. The attacker then somehow proceeded to get past the armed police that guard the entrances to the House of Commons – even after crashing his vehicle into the perimeter fences. How does that happen for real? If “on-the-spot” “Tommy” was meant to be in attendance as an alternative media journalist, then why didn’t he try to answer this big question rather than proceed, as he did, to use the occasion to bash Muslims?

Later, because the strategy of tension calls for it, there was the emergence of the reaction of the white man, and anti-Muslim terror performed by the most obvious patsy in the whole history of patsies. Darren Osborne, who was so drunk that he had urinated in his trousers before he struck the death blow (and who was also hundreds of miles away buying alcohol when he was meant to be in or on his way to London) nevertheless was able to drive and steer a vehicle so that it crashed into a crowd of Muslims. It’s not even remotely believable. No one in their right mind could stake political capital in it – in any of it.

“Tommy Robinson”, the cardboard cut-out placed specifically to explain random acts of implausible terror that had in fact been executed by the State, was blamed for the radicalisation of Darren Osborne. “Tommy Robinson’s” role in a divide and conquer strategy of tension is quite clear. And FBEL has focused a good deal lately on how the Government is manufacturing a perceived emergence of the “far-right”, in the hope to bring about the Hegelian solution where lots of people are criminalised or marginalised for their views on immigration and national sovereignty. “Robinson” is a central figure in this operation.

The well-informed FBEL reader might also be aware that there is a related operation that is stepping into a higher gear, if not coming to full fruition, after a long establishment phase of QAnon; the YouTube researcher and film maker, Jeff C, has been well placed to bust it wide open.

We’ll start by covering a tiny bit of the damning criticism that is now emerging from the corporate-media regarding QAnon and related activity. The following is from a Guardian article titled What is QAnon? Explaining the bizarre rightwing conspiracy theory, published 31st  July. Notice the attribution of QAnon to the “rightwing”.

If you happened to be watching YouTube videos on Monday morning and were struck by an urge to check in on one of America’s most beloved movie stars, you were in for a nasty surprise.

“Sarah Ruth Ashcraft says Tom Hanks is a pedophile”, read the title of the top video search result for the actor’s name. “Tom Hanks’ Alleged ‘Sex Slave’ Speaks Out”, read another top search result.

Indeed, the top five results – and eight out of the top 14 – were variations on the pedophilia theme, interspersed with the hashtags #QAnon, #Pizzagate and #Pedogate.

These bizarre results, first spotted by the NBC reporter Ben Collins, are not the result of the latest #MeToo era investigation reporting. Instead, they are the entirely unsubstantiated manifestation of a sprawling rightwing conspiracy theory known as QAnon.”

As a matter of interest, William Cooper also once castigated his audience for falling for a tall tale told be a self-declared, no-evidence-produced supposed sex slave of a well-known politician. The gossip about Tom Hanks mentioned above is also ostensibly part of a cluster of unsubstantiated claims made by one Isaac Kappy, and promulgated by the exposure allowed it first by an actor and YouTube presenter, Nathan Stolpman, and then by Infowars itself. The Guardian piece, as Jeff C tells his listeners, is part of the discrediting by corporate-media of Alt-Right alternative media, and of course, other media that is associated by dint of being “alternative”.

To his credit, in his extensive work, Jeff C showed that tweets by a largely ignored Kappy social media presence indicated that there had been no appetite at all for exposing Hollywood paedophilia until very recently – suggesting that Kappy’s new work is unrelated to real experience which might normally stimulate expression of concern. Kappy has also being unable to present any evidence. Be that as it may, the one-time Hollywood bit-part actor appears to have been super-accelerated into the role of guru on ruling class paedophilia, which is also a subject that dominates, without any real evidence, the imagination of the Alt-Right, QAnon community – i.e. “pizzagate”, and “pedogate”.

It appears that Kappy, with his unverifiable accusations against Steven Spielberg, one of Hollywood’s biggest names, might just be the last straw on the compost heap of ideas that is QAnon before the Establishment takes a big broom to the entire pile – which would presumably entail restrictions placed on the internet in one form or another. Alternatively, the madness that is conglomerating under the QAnon umbrella may just be preserved as a tool of demonization. In the firing line, of course, is the “right”, with a new nuance given to the use of the word in conjunction with “far” to denote unmitigated lunacy. This is the headline of a piece:

What You Need to Know About Far-Right Conspiracy QAnon, Which Was Present at the Tampa Trump Rally

And below is the headline of another article on the “normal person” internet, also creating the illusion that interest, and concern in QAnon has been prompted by the same Trump rally where attendees displayed QAnon paraphanelia (perhaps they thought they were at the wrestling):

Unhinged conservative conspiracy theory goes mainstream at Trump’s Tampa rally

The FBEL reader will of course know that the simplest and most effective way to demonise a person for persecution is to label him mad. How easy, therefore, would it be to dismiss the political voice of millions of people by setting up a straw man of perceived “right wing” cognitive malfunction through QAnon – where everyone is seeing paedophilia where it can’t be proved to exist – and then battering it down along with the very reasonable ideas that have also become toxic through association. Again, we’re talking about issues of immigration, and national sovereignty, and free speech.

Let’s not forget, returning to UK shores, that recently “Robinson” has forced himself upon trials in progress where alleged sex-grooming gangs are being brought to justice. The people involved in these trials are always portrayed as being paedophiles, although ephebophile might be a more useful term. Here’s what was written previously at FBEL on the subject:

Indeed, when one reads about the already processed “Muslim grooming gang” cases, if one is being honest, one cannot escape the context of general social malaise. If one keeps an open garbage pit in the back garden, there is going to be flies in the house. The social context in which there thrives a phenomenon of sexualised children, and mutual under-aged sexual activity, has been voted for in elections over again (or acquiesced to) by the very same people who want to see all Muslims as degenerates. There is no sense of responsibility for the climate whereby an adult, whatever the colour of his skin, can abuse an older child. And look at how useful this selective outrage is to the Establishment: when paedophilia is framed as a brown fellow having sex with a 14 year old, then the activity that the Savile case threatened to open a window to, where a Royal or a politician does something nasty to a younger child (and never goes to trial for it), must be something else.

“Robinson’s” so-called activism in exposing so-called paedophiles is often conflated in its own circles with the QAnon obsession with elite paedophilia, and yet ironically, the intention is also evidently to obscure it. This is because QAnon and Alt-Right paedophilia hunting  is nothing to do with bringing people to justice, as “Robinson’s” efforts at various crown courts have demonstrated; i.e. he merely introduced a unnecessary risk to the integrity of a number of trials. Instead, the Alt-Right, in its many guises, it is all about discrediting those who would expose the elite in meaningful ways, and it is about preventing, or gatekeeping, widespread access to such exposure. It is also about deterring people from moving out of their political reservations on the left-right spectrum, in response to new realities that they see on the ground, by creating psychological obstacles with the association of ideas with nefarious characters. Criminal is the word for it, really.

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  1. Steven says:

    Would it be more accurate to say that the state is manufacturing a perceived emergence of the “far-right”? I doubt the fools in the Government are capable of manufacturing anything other than data leaks and sex scandals.

    • P W Laurie says:

      Yes, big “G” government in its broadest terms, i.e. the State.

      Additional: actually you prompted me to look for the political science terminology, and government would be an element of the state, with population being another, and territory and sovereignty being the other two elements. I’m going to look into this some more; further thought is required.

  2. Phil M says:

    Yet again, another great article, exposing the unbelievable rubbish being presented by both MSM, and other dubious outlets, claiming to fight for free speech yet, knowingly, doing more to ensure it’s loss. We desperately need more people to understand what is going on, expose the intelligence community for what it really is, ‘manufacturer of terror and propaganda’ pursuing agendas to hoodwink the public and further erode what little liberty we still have. We are fast approaching a time when one risks being designated a domestic extremist/terrorists for, openly, refusing to accept, or even questioning, government narratives and, when I say questioning government, I don’t mean the puppets at the dispatch box.

  3. Kevan Howley says:

    At first glance it would seem that you are coming at ‘Tommy Robinson’ from a defensive standpoint, rather than taking an objective perspective based on all the evidence relating to the matter of his trial / imprisonment, however I respect your work and will return to take more time to better peruse, then follow up after his retrial.