Published On: Thu, Jun 17th, 2021

UK Government reacts to still slow under-40s “vaccine” uptake: water-skis on, ramp and shark lined up

Very serendipitously, the FBEL reader has been exploring the nature of nonsense that is invented by the UK Government’s Ministry of Truth, i.e. the vermin’s nest that is corporate-media, in the most recent previous article about Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four (link), and this week – as if to offer more proof by timely example – there has been an hilarious great vomiting of it in respect of exponential (fictional) case rates, and a third wave (or is it the fourth?) pandemic of “Covid-19”.  When Boris Johnson  recently talked about a final heave, who could have known that he was referring to the monumental propaganda throw-up that has been expelled, as UK Government finds that it is unable to control its nerves in respect of its fizzling-out “vaccine” programme.

The newest weekly figures from Public Health England show that “Covid-19 vaccine” take-up is still slow in the under-40 year olds in England, with signs of a contagion of aversion spreading to the under-30s. Meanwhile, there will be a shaving off of significant percentages for 60 to 69 years-olds who have had the first jab, but will not have the second. Moreover, the total vaccine product dispensed in the week to 13th June was down from 2,853,915 doses to 2,717,363, and represented the third consecutive weekly fall. This decrease hides the fact that the number of first doses increased from last week, but fascinatingly, with millions of 16 to 40 year-olds still to be invaded, the relatively small number of first dose recipients is very surprising.  The figure of 1,043,413 extra first doses administered is one that hovers just above the numbers of the April to mid-May slump. Before then, there was a capability, and more importantly a demand, so that 3 million first doses could be delivered in a week.

As such, it looks very much that UK Government might be rattled, as its “vaccine” rollout loses its appetite just as the very point that it was meant to be at its most ravenous. Moreover, we could be at a watershed moment when an apathy, or insusceptibility has been formed so that the “get-a-vaccine” propaganda has lost its power, and needs to become demented by way of compensation†.

Following from the previous bulletin of this ilk, there’s not much new to report for the ages between 40 and 59, with the all the first doses of product that are going to be administered having been done (and with a fair rate of refusal – 1.4 million). A better idea will be had in the next few weeks how much “vaccine” remorse there’s going to be with these people as they are faced with the follow up medical procedure. As for those 60 to 69 year-olds and their second doses, the upper half of this age group has now finished having jabs, with 92.11% having had both – compared to 95.09 having had one. The lower half is a couple of weeks off of being finished, with 93.82% (both doses) compared to 99.63% (just one). The final deficit will also be around 3%, and in the group as a whole it will represent 0.2 million people who won’t take their second dose (so, a total of 0.4 million who won’t have both, or at least one of the doses).

Turning now to the fascinating developments in the 30-39 year-old age range, at the top half of this group there is still a high rate of aversion, with the percentage increase dropping this week from 5.6 to 4.5. While there is no escaping that this indicates a slow rate of decrease, the ever smaller figure nevertheless signifies that take-up continues to slow, with the trend indicating ever shrinking capacity to increase week-by-week. With the percentage of people in the 35-39 year-olds having had one jab standing at 75.77%, the prediction made in the previous bulletin that this figure won’t go over 80% still looks good (meaning that 0.9 million won’t take the vaccine product at all).

In the 30-34 year-old age group, the percentage increase is down to 12.6 from 18.6, with 66.59% of the demographic having had the first dose. The future of this group depends on how low the percentage increase drops into single figures next week – which it will very likely do. At the high end it could mean around 85% receiving the jab, and at the low end only around 77%. This represents between 0.5 and 0.9 million refusing the “vaccination”.


Looming Disaster For UK Government As Dying Days Of “Covid-19 Vaccine” Rollout Meets High Refusal; Must Be Behind Threats To Maintain Vestiges Of The Economic Blockade – (link)


† People worry about government losing its soft options, and like to cite a quote that is attributed to Orwell: “all tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force”. They appear to do this with a voice of doom, apparently not imagining that force doesn’t have to be one sided, and can be met with equal measure, and that for the tyranny to get into such a situation would represent for it an enormous loss of power in any case, notwithstanding the introduction of a further risk of a complete rupture. When government-by-hoax, which is how UK Government rules,  fails along one line of psychological manipulation, then another is introduced. When the ability to do this fails totally, a government-by-hoax government doesn’t have any power to rule, because it doesn’t have any legitimacy. As such, it wouldn’t have any currency whereby it could successfully resort to force.

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