Published On: Sun, Jun 5th, 2022

Housekeeping, work to come, and visitor statistics

There is now a new tier of subscription at for registered users who have accumulatively donated £25 (labelled in this system as “Donation First”). For the reader who isn’t aware, two other tiers are the original £5 basic access (one cannot have access by merely registering), and the level for those who have donated £50 or more (“Donation Second”, which enables, at this time, total access to all material). There will be a concerted effort this summer to publish more content across all tiers, starting with a new Everest project (as recently announced), which will be available to Donation First tier subscribers. The initial portion of this project will be available in the next few days, at which time I will upgrade the subscription profile of the donorship qualifying for the level (who will then receive automatic notification). The front page of will also convey the new availability of the material.

As for work to come on this site, there is so much to do, but let me limit my comments to address a number of articles that have been published but remain uncompleted (so exist as “place holders”), of which there are four at this time. An article regarding the results of the local elections in May is being produced at this time, and should be complete by the end of the coming week (at least, in time for by-elections to take place at the end of this month).

An article about the backfiring of sanctions against Russia has been deliberately left off so that the story can mature, and the way Russia actually benefits can become more apparent the longer the so-called punitive measures against her last. It should be pointed out, this is an issue that is not centrally about how the sanctions can be said to be backfiring because they are causing economic distress in the countries imposing them – government can cause this same damage any number of ways not to do with their sanctions on Russia, and to a great extent this is in fact what is happening. On the contrary, it is about the supercharging of competition, with which the Anglo-globalist New World Order cannot co-exist.

A third article about the strong possibility of sabotage in Russia, as well as certain military operations in Ukraine, being carried out by serving UK armed forces needs more time for evidence to accumulate.

A fourth article is a long time uncompleted, but it hasn’t been forgotten. Because it actually involves quite a lot of writing, it will probably be transferred into a series at the site.

Finally, please see below a (longer range than usual) chart for number of visits to this site, and a chart (over the same extended range) for total hours spent by visitors, also to this site. [Click to enlarge].

As you can see, reader, the site returns to audience levels nearer to how they were before the “Covid-19”-panic – I was going to use the phrase, “returns to anonymity”, but this is far from the case. How much readership a media content producer has, reader, bears no relation to how threatening it is – evidenced of course by how controlled opposition alternative media (basically all of it) has such large audiences. Thanks for visiting.

P W Laurie

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