Building the “coronahoax” charge sheet: reckoning culpability for the deliberate inflation of Covid-19 death

If the aspect of lockdown intended to modify behaviour in a public place is disintegrating because enough people have chosen to defy it, the UK Government still has a trick up More...

A tale of two Covid-19s; potentially, the only real thing is the fight too far picked by UK Government

The latest Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre (ICNARC) audit of patients with “Covid-19” in intensive, or critical care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, More...

More Article 50 scaremongering; desperate UK Government sacrifices Parliament; the “Republic” sees how it all stands

Many do think that there is a rationalisation by which the British ruling class feels justified in its government-by-deception, whereby underneath the constant confidence trickery, More...

Returning the Census questionnaire to sender – Updated

[Originally published, 10:01, 22nd February, 2021]. On the day that Boris Johnson tries to impress the country with more sleight of hand, appearing as a good shepherd inviting More...

Fishmongers Hall Attack Inquest opens to explain that Usman Khan did sit up after being shot, after all

The much anticipated inquests into the deaths occurring during the 2019 Fishmongers Hall “terror” incident began yesterday (12th April), and the first big surprise was the More...

Don’t vote

As the reader will probably know, the leader of the Labour Party was electioneering ahead of polls in May when he had his More...

Let my people go; how organising in a legally cultural separate enclave destroys Pharaoh

UK Government has mounted a major psychological operation for nearly a year, and some people will undoubtedly be More...

Hartlepool: UK Government’s too-tall-not-tall-enough Tory party problem which ex-Labour voters will not solve

There has been a set of council and other local elections, and so there must be...

Credibility and dignified parts sacrificed in acts of UK Government vaccine programme desperation

At the weekend just gone, UK Government was claiming that nearly 20 million people had received...

In the land of the stupid and frightened, the go-along to get-along invertebrate is hero

Perhaps it isn’t decent for the comparatively youthful to pick fights with old men who might...

Lessons From Nineteen Eighty Four: totally controlled media, no appetite to defy and destroy it

A new television news channel launched in the UK in the past few days, and if one looks at remarks made about More...

Being led like a lamb to slaughter?

“Save Our Rights (UK)”, according to its very professionally composed website, is an organisation that has bigger ambitions than opposing the..

Lessons from Nineteen Eighty Four: Military intelligence government, and corporate-media as Mi7

There was a process through the 19th century into the 20th to turn Britain into a country under technocratic rule of..

UK Government reacts to still slow under-40s “vaccine” uptake: water-skis on, ramp and shark lined up

Very serendipitously, the FBEL reader has been exploring the nature of nonsense that is invented by the UK Government’s More...

Did the under-50s “Covid-19 vaccine” refusers defeat “vaccine passports”?

Now that it has become quite clear that, for anyone deranged enough to partake of it, the “Covid-19 vaccine” is rather like..

Millions of under-50s in England to refuse “Covid-19 vaccination”?

In a previous article serving as an update of this kind, it was suggested that the prime motivation for the “Covid-19..

Latest “Covid-19 vaccine” monitoring in one place: connection with adverse reactions still very evident; signs still of aversion in younger folk

In this article, two strands of ongoing “Covid-19 vaccine” (or vaccine product) monitoring are brought together (at least temporarily). The first..

A Sarah Everard mystery

There’s no point expecting a dog’s dinner to make any sense, and so that’s why there shouldn’t be any surprise at..

Prohibition and Covid-19; Part Two: the Great Reset is Socialism

It’s very important to talk about those measures taken by UK Government, using the pretext of a hoaxed pandemic, in the..
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UK Government Reacts To Still Slow Under-40s “Vaccine” Uptake: Water-Skis On, Ramp And Shark Lined Up… #bbcqt #BBCQuestionTime #QuestionTime

Lessons From Nineteen Eighty Four: Totally Controlled Media, No Appetite To Defy And Destroy It… #BBCqt #BBCQuestionTime #QuestionTime #GBNewsFails #gbnewsfail

UK Government Reacts To Still Slow Under-40s “Vaccine” Uptake: Water-Skis On, Ramp And Shark Lined Up… Black Death #BBCqt #BBCQuestionTime #QuestionTime NHS England Dido Harding #GBNewsFails #gbnewsfail

Looming Disaster For UK Government As Dying Days Of “Covid-19 Vaccine” Rollout Meets High Refusal; Must Be Behind Threats To Maintain Vestiges Of The Economic Blockade… #COVIDVaccination #MattHancock #DowningStreetBriefing #AstraZeneca #Pfizer #Moderna

English soccer fans: utter morons. They don't like it when the knee is taken, but keep going. Will have an unnecessary and dangerous medical procedure just to see a match (and watch other morons collapse from the same procedure?)… #EngvsCro #EngCro