Djokovic and tin-pot Australia: Nazi Germany was more relaxed about Jesse Owens

It’s probably true to say that the German Nazi government was more relaxed about Jesse Owens than the Australian tin-pot regime is about Novak Djokovic. Whatever reason that More...

UK Government’s change of strategy for Labour general election success after dismal Leadbeater performance: have Starmer appeal to Tory voters?

Although Kim Leadbeater was successfully forced at the Batley and Spen by-election, like a magician makes an unsuspecting dupe pick a predetermined card,  it was a pyrrhic victory. More...

Building the “coronahoax” charge sheet: reckoning culpability for the deliberate inflation of Covid-19 death

If the aspect of lockdown intended to modify behaviour in a public place is disintegrating because enough people have chosen to defy it, the UK Government still has a trick up More...

With its usual low cunning, UK Government uses booster jab rollout failure to its advantage

On 30th November, when Boris Johnson announced lockdown and mitigation measures against the so-called “Covid-19” variant, so-called “omicron”, and he also made the silly More...

Returning the Census questionnaire to sender – Updated

[Originally published, 10:01, 22nd February, 2021]. On the day that Boris Johnson tries to impress the country with more sleight of hand, appearing as a good shepherd inviting More...

How about boycotting Horusfest until all of Babylon’s kings, priests and servants have been suitably punished?

Reportedly, it has been said by at least one controlled media influencer that the best thing to do in the face of a “new More...

Don’t vote in the Southend West “by-election”

If a magic act was presented to them as their current affairs (or government agenda-progressing events and news More...

The extremist minority coalition wins on Super Thursday by-election night: trouble ahead for UK Government

At the time of writing, it is but a few minutes after results at the Wakefield...

Starmer Project woes continue; Labour-Lib Dem coalition now openly discussed; more reason not to vote in Tiverton & Honiton by-election

According to the author’s own calculation – admittedly a rough and ready kind of reckoning –...

Predictably, crude perception management portrays Labour triumph at local elections, yet Starmer Project continues to falter

At the end of May the New Statesman was asking “why isn’t Labour 20 points ahead [in...

For the sake of the Starmer Project: the causing of the Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton by-elections by contrivance

On June 23rd there will be two by-elections. One, in the part of the electoral battlefield as defined by official More...

Parliament’s growing legitimacy crisis: don’t vote in the local elections

Last week in the Westminster Parliament, the Speaker of the House of Commons allowed an MP to call Boris Johnson a..

Parliament’s growing legitimacy crisis in focus: at the Southend West by-election

Upon her being selected as the Member of Parliament for the Southend West constituency, Anna Firth, the insipid and simpering looking..

Now between 5 and 7 million missing booster shots* – UK Government hinting at mandatory “vaccines” comes from panicky weakness

Boris Johnson, in the No 10 press conference of Wednesday this week where he announced further “lockdown” More...

ICNARC: 924 people in critical care with Covid-19*

The crucial paragraph (and illustrative diagram) in the newest 90 page report by ICNARC is this: Critical care outcomes have been..

Covid-19 is pneumonia – everything else is lies

Apparently, for corporate and alternative media both, ICNARC – which is the Intensive Care National Audit and Research Centre – is..

The “omicron” con, and deducing that the “third wave” is “vaccine” injury

It can be safely said about “Covid-19” that if it has supposed to have come in three waves, then these have..

What do Jack Dromey, Bob Saget, and “Sky Mangel” have in common?

The corporate-media loves a story where what it calls a “covid-denier” or even an “anti-vaxxer” is hospitalised with “Covid-19” (note well..

Prohibition and Covid-19; Part Two: the Great Reset is Socialism

It’s very important to talk about those measures taken by UK Government, using the pretext of a hoaxed pandemic, in the..

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Twitter-cattle are already foaming at the prospect of a Tamworth by-election; without any sense of what could be desperately wrong so that it could be overturned, they say "Chris Pincher only has a majority of 19,634".… #ChrisPinch #Tamworth #TorySleaze

And so it goes on, it seems, #ChrisPincher #Tamworth For The Sake Of The Starmer Project: The Causing Of The Wakefield And Tiverton And Honiton By-Elections By Contrivance… #ChristopherPincher #ToriesDevoidOfShame #BBCqqt

Conveniently, Claudia Webbe is trending, so: For The Sake Of The Starmer Project: The Causing Of The Wakefield And Tiverton And Honiton By-Elections By Contrivance… Apparently also, #TorySleaze & #ToriesDevoidOfShame

#SnakeIsland is only important for UK/Ukrainian propaganda. Russians vacating it is ultimate declaration of disinterest in a PR war - which should be the case when you've real objectives to achieve by force, and you are achieving them.… #ZmeinyIsland