The 2016 Harlow “Brexit murder”; UK vassal government still in the dock, never convicted

The reader may remember the case: the incident in question was in Harlow last year. A Polish man, Arkadiusz Jozwik, died during an instance of the sort of wide-swinging handbag-trading More...

London Terror optics: police frighten the innocent public

Alternative headlines could have been “UKIP spoils terror cherry on top: refuses to halt GE campaigning” or “Terrorists pick soft target; would have got a kicking on a More...

The Tory Fake Brexit Candidates; Part Two

There can now be no excuses. If people vote Tory expecting Brexit, and then find that Britain remains in the EU in all but name, then they can’t say that they weren’t warned. More...

British Government beta tests the “Charlie Rowley with perfume bottle” narrative

Although an FBEL piece is planned with a focus on Syria, there is actually no great deal of analysis required: at one level the Trump-Putin summit was about stimulating the continued More...

Sturgess murder enquiry should start with the Snap Fitness 24/7 Bonnie and Clyde

Some people think that police are going to investigate the death of Dawn Sturgess earnestly. Putting aside our own incredulity, based on years of observing police actively covering More...

Reflections on a by-election: another charlatan claims to represent the people, this time of Lewisham East

The Lewisham East parliamentary constituency, after the by-election that took place this Thursday gone, is now represented More...

Some perspective and correction via H G Wells’ “The Time Machine”

The ongoing study of the works of H G Wells continues at FBEL with an article about the short story, The Time Machine. More...

National Action series: Part Two; the Army and the “Midlands” Five

In September 2017, when preparation was being made for this article (and others to follow), Hope...

Establishment and media in Royal Wedding propaganda exercise

The headline is actually from another piece, written in April 2011, that first appeared at the...

Analysis: “British military” embedded with its proxy forces in Ghouta; now captured by Syrian army?

Yesterday, Fars News reported that a number of British military operatives were in the custody of...

The Big W stands for Wiltshire windfall – and police guards for Charlie Rowley

Charlie Rowley lives! – and his recovery might yet be more miraculous than that of the Skripals, who themselves More...

The “Tommy Robinson” arrest psyop: the appeal, the con – and Leveson II?

Just in case anyone was thinking that, back on that fateful day in May, “Tommy Robinson” had turned up at Leeds..

All too predictable: dead horse gets flogged in “Tommy Robinson” arrest psyop

The command has obviously gone out. All of the major Alt-Right agitation-propagandists are singing furiously to the same hymn sheet –..

Old lessons found in surprising places: Sitcom, Aristotelian liberalism, and social engineering

When one refuses to consume the programming that constitutes television broadcasting, it is impossible to contrast More...

So, the British Government is entirely corrupt. What happens next?

Last week, the Russian envoy to the Organisation for the Prohibition  of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) brought Syrian witnesses to Brussels. They..

BBC “silent weapon” damaged and vulnerable to increasing refusal to pay licence fee

The people at the BBC are worried; it said so in a National Audit Office document entitled TV Licence Fee Collection;..

Be not surprised: Trump pledges continuation of “war-system alternative” space scam

Donald “Hong Kong Phooey” Trump did it again. Boasting about bigger nuclear buttons is all too easy for an indecorous buffoon:..

Breaking news: police develop already woefully implausible Amesbury novichok scenario

Only three days ago it was predicted, here at FBEL, that police would pull a container of novichok out of the..

The bleeding obvious gets more obvious: arson attack linked to “Tommy Robinson”

Three previous FBEL articles have sifted through the media mire to attempt to find the Establishment motivation for the “Tommy Robinson”..

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#TheTimes writes "It is not known where [#CharlieRowley] will live because his flat has been cordoned off as part of the police investigation". Surprised?… #SkripalPoisoning #PortonDown #Amesbury #Amesburypoisoning #salisbury #SalisburyAttack #Novichok

Doubling down, #TheTimes writes headline containing one believable piece of data (Rowley's nationality): "#CharlieRowley, Briton poisoned by #novichok in perfume bottle, leaves hospital".… #amesbury #Amesburypoisoning #AmesburyNovichok #salisbury